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For the regular guy Glock 17 Gen5 $559

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Glock 17 Gen5 $559 at PSA

I somehow resisted yesterday at Cabela's $399 for a Gen 4 Glock 26 in gun library. Already have a couple G26's.

Mossberg 930 semi auto shotgun $699 at PSA

Have the folding Glock 19, about the dumbest thing I ever saw.
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Are you saying I cannot express my deep thoughtful words?
Well, you tell me.......DID I say that ???? (that would a 'no').
What I said was that I failed to understand you being so bent out of shape when OTHERS expressed "deep thoughtful words", that you felt compelled to criticize them, and even make it your sig-line.
And I'm sure everyone here is well aware of Cabellas and Palmetto, and that they run frequent sales. And guess what else.....Sportsmanguide has free shipping !! (duh).
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