For the deniers...

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    Jan 21, 2011
    From the New York Times: "...roughly 9,780 people have died of all causes over the past month in New York City, about 5,000 more than is typical."

    I'd consider that a fact.
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    Jan 22, 2014
    What's your point? My quote was about Racerfords post #361, which is indeed factual. Are you saying it isn't? If that's the case then please tell us what is not factual about his post and cite your source. We'll wait.
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    Maybe the OP needs to change the title to the deniers of........all the models and projections.

    If I cared, I could paste two news stories I posted on FB on my computer that again puts the models and those doing the models and the CDC in a negative light.

    The number of true deniers has to be in the single digits here. What we have are the "Karen's" having a hissy fit over the numbers and then she goes and tattles on the folks that don't accept the numbers at face value. Yes, people are dying, yes, we should take precautions. Yes, people die of all kinds of chit, and No we don't kill the economy to supposedly save lives when no one can get an accurate projection of the spread, the infected, or those that die from it. So simple even a retired Govt worker like myself can understand it.

    All you Karen's sure aren't posting of the 98% success rate. Relax, the Israelis will have a vaccine soon. I wonder how they will feel about it being used in the Middle East or Germany? What are you Karens' plans to deal with China? Shake a finger and say "bad"?

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