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For Sale: LNIB Reate; Designer: Tashi Bharucha; “STAR BOY” Titanium, frame-lock flipper Knife (3.25” Damasteel blade)

This is fully constructed out of Titanium, giving it a look as if it were a intergral (one piece of Ti) frame but is a clamshell design with slim curved titanium handle that has been contoured for a comfortable grip in any size hands. The modified clip point blade extends naturally from the handle providing a dramatic, modern appearance. A sturdy titanium lock bar is backed up with a replaceable steel insert for a solid steel on steel lock-up with no blade play in any direction and has a smooth, non-stick lock disengagement. The eye-catching Damasteel blade rides on a ceramic Bearing pivot & detent for supper snappy deployment & drops shut so smoothly once disengaging the lockbar. It literally melts into the hand the way it’s designed and also gives a subtle Choil for chocking up on the knife for fine cutting duties. The knife is in excellent shape & has its razor sharp original edge. Weighing in @ 4.19oz it literally disappears into the pocket using it’s slim, unobtrusive tip-up contoured pocket clip. Great every day carry.

Comes with padded, zippered pouch, a string-pull, felt carry pouch, an extra set of hardware (race washers, screws, etc.). A laser engraved C.O.A. From factory, a Velcro Reate Knives Patch, a felt cleaning cloth and a detailed spec C.O.A. From the Retailer.

The knife runs $475 at all retailers;

$425 OBO Insured, Tracked & Priority Shipped to your door.

Will Accept PayPal or Venmo. (PREFER F&F option otherwise buyer will pay for any extra fees + full cost of knife.

Please DM me for any inquiries or questions.

Thanks for looking!

Wall Fixture Handle Household hardware Metal
Blade Knife Grey Utility knife Tool
White Black Silver
Metal Grey Zipper Vehicle door Silver
Line Metal Black Grey Parallel
Photograph White Silver
Grey Natural material Knife Silver Kitchen utensil
Black Metal Grey Silver Musical instrument accessory
Box Hunting knife Kitchen utensil Silver Cardboard
Box Packaging and labeling Packing materials Carton Cardboard
Text Fish Adaptation Paper Tail
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