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For Sale: Philips TiVo 91 hours

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by zamiel, Feb 14, 2003.

  1. zamiel


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    Oct 30, 2001
    I'm going to buy the upgrade...
    Inlcuded in this is:
    1 Philips TiVo Unit model HDR-212 upgraded with a 60GB hard drive and a professional tray system to give you 91 total hours of recording time (takes a week for programs to be deleted)
    1 s-video cable
    1 composite video/audio cable (red, yellow, and white)
    the power cord (obviously)
    2 remotes (battery covers in bad shape)
    the original box in great condition (pack rat)
    A CD with the software on it in case you need to revert or upgrade the unit
    some phone wire
    other TiVo related stuff such as the IR blasters, and other things that I haven't even opened yet in the box...

    I've never had one problem with this TiVo at all...
    you will have to pay for any phone charges and the TiVo service ($12.95 a month or $249 lifetime)
    I will pack the TiVo in the original box with the original styrofoam and then back that box in a bigger box with peanuts
    shipping costs will be actual, about $25 via UPS

    I accept paypal, money orders, and checks
    cost of package: $225 or make a reasonable offer
    lowballers will be laughed at or ignored

    eBay feedback under e-mallen
    will provide you with phone number if necessary...

    Contact me via e-mail ( will be looked at in order received...

    according to eBay:
    same unit not upgraded going for at least $200

    thanks for looking!