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For sale: ipod with 2yr replacement warrenty

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by LaserMax30, Mar 21, 2004.

  1. LaserMax30

    LaserMax30 Guest


    I have a 3rd generation 15gb ipod that is just over a month old and includes a bestbuy 2yr extended replacement warrenty.

    Comes in the box with ipod,charger,firewire cable,6 to4 pin adapter,manuals ,cd,sealed earbuds and a dlo case with belt clip.

    This is in perfect condition except for a small scratch / mark on the screen, hard to see unless you tilt it and the light hits it.
    However I will include some scratch remover to rub it out,I would do it but it takes 6-8 applications for full effect and I do not have the time to be screwing with it.

    This also has around 7 gbs of files for testing only.
    The warrenty also covers the battery if it ever gets too bad they will give you a new ipod..


    Need it shipped to U.S.A. ?? $10 VIA FEDEX WITH TRACKING / INS.