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#1) BesTech Shinkansen, frame-lock, front flipper; The knife has been lightly used and some very minor wear on the frame: anodization wearing off in several areas that you really have to look hard to find them & your basic snail trials from carrying around the house. The knife has only been carried around the house and never abused or disassembled, the original edge is still sharp and all it needs is a good stropping.

Frame Lock: Both frames are machined, contoured & anodized blue made with titanium & carbon fiber inlay's which are mirrored on the show side and the lock-bar side. The titanium handles are contoured and no sharp edges noted anywhere on the knife. The pocket clip is also machined, contoured & anodized a gold/bronze color for easy in and out of the pocket. The titanium back-spacer which is machined with a gear-like pattern & also anodized a gold/bronze color. All the hardware (only the small torx screws) are a polished titanium accept the custom machined pivot screws with are a matching stainless steel look with titanium pivot collars (pivot collars surround the pivot screws) that are also anodized in a gold/bronze color. The combination of all the colors and textures tie the piece together. There are (2) parallel lines or fuller's machined into the handles along with a hole for a lanyard if you choose so.

The Blade: The 3.5" blade is made out of S35VN steel. An American Super steel created by the late and innovative genius that originally founded the Chris Reeve's knife company. The stainless steel is made from a powder form and forged into one of the best Knife-Steel's known today, known for it's high corrosion resistance and its ability to hold onto a razor edge for a very long time.

The blade is deployed by the non-intrusive flipper tab that protrudes out of the top of the knife. Its amazingly smooth and once you master the thumb flipping action, you can rocket this blade out in a flash due to the blade riding on ambidextrous ceramic caged bearings & thrust washers to protect the titanium that is machined out, to fit the thrust washers and ceramic bearing inside the knife giving you a literal rock solid lock-up every time and the lock-bar itself has a replaceable lock-bar insert with a tuned ceramic detent ball that is all blended in to where your unable to even tell the stainless steel insert is even in the knife. When you disengage the lock (which is very smooth and easy) in the stainless steel insert also acts as a lock-bar over travel stop and when pushed out of the locked position, the blade will literally fall shut (literally smooth as some custom knives) all on it's own with no guided help all due to the tolerances and craftsmanship that BesTech knives are known for.

The finish of the blade belly has a fine bead blast finish from the end of the apex of the cutting edge, up into the flats which are then given a parallel machined polish finish then back into a bead blasted finish along the swedge that rides the spine along the blade towards the tip of this very cool looking contrast; on a very functional (EDC) every day cary folding knife. These run $200 at any knife retailer.

The Bestech Shinkansen comes with box, zippered padded carrying case & microfiber cloth
(Item is in my position and ready to ship at any time)
$150 per PayPal shipped priority mail. Will only accept friends & family payment through PP. Once Payment is received and verified, your knife will ship the day or next depending on the time of when I receive payment and if its a holiday or USPS is closed. Once shipped I can send a picture of the reciept # tracking # as soon as the item is processed by USPS. Please let me know when you receive the item.

White Metal Black Grey Iron
Blade Metal
Product Tire Vehicle door Door Metal
Product Yellow Line Metal Parallel
White Blade Grey Knife Metal
Knife Cutting tool Tool Blade Utility knife
Knife Blade Cutting tool Utility knife Tool
Knife Blade Utility knife Everyday carry Hunting knife

#2) Kizer Sheepdog C01C Frame Lock Titanium

For Sale: Like new in the pouch, the Kizer sheepdog C01 which Is the large (there is an XL & Mini versions of this beefy beauty of a cleaver) and the initial model that first came out before the other sizes. Full Titanium construction with open designed for easy maintenance, beautifully bead blasted High grade titanium that is contoured and has 3 angled oval openings for some style; Beautiful stonewashed finish on a nice beefy cleaver designed pocket knife. This large blade runs on ceramic bearings on both sides of the pivot & a ceramic dialed in detent for fast deployment & guillotine drop action; replaceable stainless steel lock-bar insert for longevity of the knife and the absence of that awful titanium on titanium lock stick when someone doesn’t no how to prepare or carbodized the titanium lock-bar correctly as it rubs against (ex.) a S35VN steel can and will cause a lock-stick that is annoying as all get out. Only handled around the house and has the razor sharp factory edge, multi-cam zipped cordura, padded & zippered pouch with A nice Mirco-Fiber cleaning cloth. Great comfortable and built like a tank, pocket cleaver.

$165 tracked, Priority shipped USPS. Will PayPal (will only accept Friends & Family transactions; Once payment is made and verified, your knife will ship the same day or the next depending on holiday's, weekends or receiving a payment when USPS is closed, the item will ship the next day unless its a weekend)

Thanks for Looking. DM for questions or inquiries.


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#3) The DROP's Laconico "Keen"

For Sale: The “KEEN” which is a production model of Ray Laconico’s custom and overall Design decided to do a DROP collaboration so more people could enjoy his simple yet perfect, EDC folders.

The model I choose was a little higher on the options you could choose but it really is a stellar knife all the way around and for the price, I just don't think there is a knife that can beat it...... well maybe but im telling ya, if your heard of Mass Drop's or now, DROP's Keen which is Mr Ray Laconico's production version of a custom he builds. His motto is, "Less is More". I couldn't agree Moore. This variation of the Keen is one of the smoothest, practical & totally functional design that would last a lifetime. The frame is your typical high-grade titanium construction with a titanium backspacer and milled titanium clip all with a very nice bronze stonewash finish that literally hides any scratches or scuffs that you may accidentally do along the way because this is a user. I went with the version with the holes running down the middle of the show-side frame giving it a cool look and a functional place to put your fingers when flipping this 3.5" spear-point with a mirrored, machine, satin finish on both sides of the flat ground blade and it is gorgeous in my opinion. This has some of the best action and acoustics I've ever encounter in a < $200 frame-lock flipper. It will literally put a smile on your face once you flip the blade with the flipper tab because of the sheer smoothness and the tuned detent which is ceramic along with a dual sided ceramic caged pivot for some of the nicest drop-shut action I've personally tested when the knife came in only 3-4 days ago. I actually want to keep this dam thing to but want me a dam Q Honey Badger which I plan on building with each part that I personally want on the AR pistol; I may tax stamp it for a silencer & SBR but for now a AR pistol is the way to go period.

So the knife is assembled with torx hardware that I haven't touched or even cut for that matter; it brand new, This knife has some hype that was following it as an excellent EDC and overall awesome folding knife designed by one of my favorite custom knife makers; Ray Laconico

So if your lookin for a quality knife that once you put it in your pocket, I have a feeling it will be a go-to folder.

Here a some photo's of the exact knife, enjoy!! Want a video or have any other questions feel free to ask. You cannot go wrong on this knife at this price-point.

Ray Laconico/DROP Titanium Frame-Lock Flipper i
Paid $175, in "Brand New" condition: ‘ it remains in brand new condition $170 (Firm) shipped priority from the U.S.A per Priority USPS.

Will only accept PayPal using F&F "only". Once payment is received and verified this knife will ship either that day or the following depending on when I receive payment. No Refunds; the knife is NEW, with Zippered padded case and microfiber cleaning cloth and box. I will also send you a picture of the actual receipt & Tracking # as soon as it's out of my hands.

Ruler Number Measuring instrument Still life photography
Computer accessory Symbol Computer hardware
Text Font Pattern Bottle Tints and shades
Text Pattern Font Metal Tan
Yellow Beige Khaki Metal Everyday carry
Woodwind instrument Wind instrument Metal Reed instrument Silver

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Well so far all the years I’ve been on here I’ve had no issues. I’m not on here to scam or steel; just selling a couple knives to make some extra $. I usually will give any one that pays up front my phone # and try to keep in contact with them through the whole process; if I was a thief I’d probably be booted of this Forum a decade ago; I also literally sold a new black brand new VBOB through this manner and everything went perfect. I accidentally put the wrong price on the licanaco which is $175 is what I paid but gunna keep it @ $170 since the hole pattern was. 175 and it’s brand new and knife I have listed; I just want more Ar parts for my next build, I’ll put it down for $170 so who ever snatches it up will get a great deal on a knife that once you feel it you would totally understand but I understand what your saying. Never screwed anyone Over on 1911addicts, Blade forums and even here so please spread the word I’m not on here for games, I’ve been buying, trading knives $ firearms since I joined, hell, I believe I was one of the original Cotep members but I think that was 1911forums site lol. If your interested and wanted the keen I’d give it to you for what I listed since you seen it first if your interested. But It being brand new I hate losing $ on things I buy and the things I buy are always new. Check out 1911forums; my user name x95mk220 and look at my trading profille and ask around about how I handle sales; I’m 6 for six sales. Thanks for the heads up tho


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