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For Sale: 1986 Lincoln Town Car in Beaverton, Oregon

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by orgreg, Mar 2, 2003.

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    Dec 25, 2002
    1986 Lincoln Town Car for Sale: 128K miles, light blue exterior w/blue cloth interior, turbine style alloy wheels, KBB “good” condition; just had a major tune-up and other maintenance which cost $1400; tags good through July 2004. This car needs nothing but regular oil changes until January 2004!!!

    Asking $1800. Sorry, no trades. If you are an out of state purchaser and you need the car shipped, you pay shipping.

    If you are interested or have questions, feel free to contact me (Greg) at 503-645-3579 or at If you are having trouble reaching me by the previous # and email, you can also try me at 503-533-4241. I live in Beaverton, OR, near the Tannasbourne shopping center at 185th and Sunset Hwy (26).

    Air Conditioning, Power Steering, Power Windows, Power Door Locks, Tilt Wheel, Cruise Control, AM/FM Stereo, Cassette, Premium Sound, Alloy Wheels, Power Seat (driver’s), power side view mirrors, thermometer on left side view mirror.

    I would rate this as “good” according to Kelly Blue Book ( standards. The tires have substantial tread remaining, the shocks and brakes are good, the paint is nice and glossy, the vinyl top (which covers half of the roof as was the style back then) looks nice, and the interior is nice with no carpet or upholstery tears.

    I was told the previous owner was the 2nd owner. I have the title, and it is clean, NOT branded, and has no liens against it. You can check out the complete history via CARFAX ( if you’d like. The VIN is 1LNBP96F9GY728783.

    Kelly Blue Book ( lists the “private party value” at $1035 for this car assuming an average good condition vehicle. I needed to make some adjustments to asking price, and these are explained below. For those not familiar with KBB, they list 3 prices: trade-in, private party, and retail. Trade-in is what you expect to get from a dealer if you trade it in, private party is what you expect to buy/sell for in a private party transaction, and retail is what you expect to pay if you bought it from the dealer.

    Upward Price Adjustments
    I have very recently spent $1400 in a major tune-up and other mechanical repairs, and I do have the receipts for this work.

    ($900 maintenance)
    * Complete tune-up - replaced spark plugs, ignition wires, distributor cap, ignition rotor, and air filter
    * Wynn’s Fuel Injection service – included use of Motorvac machine for 1 hour + cleaned throttle body and throttle plates
    * Transmission service – included replacement of filter and pan gasket
    * Flushed brake fluid
    * Replaced left rear brake cylinder and bled rear brakes
    * Front pads OK (75% left), Rear shoes OK (60% left); adjusted rear shoes
    * Flushed cooling system and replaced radiator cap
    * Replaced upper and lower radiator hoses
    * Replaced A/C and smog-pump belt
    * Lube, Oil, Filter
    * Replaced fuel filter
    * Battery service – tested charging system, cleaned battery/cables/terminals
    * Replaced wiper blades

    ($500 extra maintenance done to eliminate fluid drips)
    * Replaced valve cover gaskets
    * Replaced upper and lower intake manifold gaskets
    * Resealed power steering hoses and pump

    Downward Price Adjustments
    The previous owner had a minor single-vehicle accident. From what I was told, he drove into a hedge. The front passenger fender is slightly dented, and the right park lens (not the headlight or blinker) is cracked. A body shop in Hillsboro quoted me $225 to repair and paint the fender. The lens assembly can be had for approximately $60. That’s about $300 in work. Though the park lens is obsolete and probably can’t be had from the dealer, you can purchase them online from,, or to name a few web-based sources for Lincoln parts.

    Final Price Thinking
    $1035+1400-300 = $2135. I don’t expect to get all of the money I put into this back, so I am asking $1800. I feel this is pretty fair considering the only scheduled maintenance until January 2004 consists of oil changes, and the tags are good until July 2004.

    I purchased this car in December 2002 with the idea of driving it for about 6 months while we sold my wife’s car and shopped around for a replacement. However, it turns out her car sold quickly, and we were able to find the right car for her even quicker, so we no longer need the 3rd car.