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    there was a major wreck in south texas involving a circus truck and a car. as a result of the wreck the door was sprung on the circus truck's cage, and two man eating lions escaped. after fending for themselves for a year they met on the trail. one was sleek, well fed, and totally self assured. the other was skin and bones, and had sort of a haunted look.

    "my god lion, what happened to you?" asked the sleek lion. "nothing much," answered the skinny lion. he said he'd been eating texans every day, and was starving. the sleek lion asked to see his hunting technique. the skinny lion hid behind a bush, and when a texan came along, he roared and leaped. "stop right there," said the sleek lion, "i see your problem."

    when you jump outa those bushes and roar like that, you scare the crap out of him, and there aint nothing left but boots and belt buckles, and there's no nutrition in that at all.

    one kentuckian told a texan that there was enough gold in ft knox to build a wall three feet high and three feet wide all the way around tesax. texan said, "go ahead and build it. if i like it i'll buy it."

    a texan just back from an overseas vacation. "i'll say one thing for them australians, they do have bigger grass-hoppers than we do.
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    Those are funny as hell Bill;z ;z ;z ;z ;z ;z ;z ;z ;z ;z ;z ;z