For Every Day Carry With A Bad Back

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    Long ago, I remember articles where you discussed compromises in gun size, holster type and carry position for people with bad backs. I felt sorry for that minority, and was sure I would never be similarly afflicted.

    Now, I am. I don't have diminished mobility or constant pain....unless I try to carry something as large as a G26 in an IWB holster. OWB with quality belt and holster is not so long as I'm not trying to drive.

    Slimmer seems better than lighter in my case. A micro .380 like a Kahr...probably more "painless" than an ultra light 38 Centennial Snubby. But I think I could manage the snubby's girth. If you had to, which would you choose for this kind of EDC?

    Or would you sacrifice the advantages of strong side IWB carry in order to always have something bigger, even with a bad back? Crossdraw... or OWB holster with appropriate attire? SOB is definitely Not Going To Happen.

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    Agree with you on small of back carry, Harbour; I don't recommend it for anyone, for a lot of reasons.

    You didn't mention the focus of your back problem. If it's lumbar, consider the shoulder holster, particularly one like the Galco Shoulder System where spare ammo, etc on the opposite side balances the weight of the gun. It takes a lot of pressure off the sacroileac and pelvic area. Very handy in the car, too, though of course you need to keep a concealing garment on. Cross draw may also be a viable option.

    OWB and a good wide belt, with concealing garments one size larger to cover, will probably be more comfortable than IWB. (When you try IWB, do it with pants 2" wider in the waist than you'd normally wear. Comfort, in back and elsewhere, will be greatly enhanced.)

    Everything I've seen over the years tells me that the best .38 Special snub loads dramatically outperform the best .380s. We live in a time of excellent, slim 9mms such as the Kahr and the Springfield EMP, and those are worth considering, too.

    Wishing you the best of luck and health,