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Football (high school) ability

  1. My son is a freshman in high school, and play linebacker on the football team. He is running a 4.7/40 right now... is that good for a freshman linebacker?
  2. For a freshman, that's outstanding.

    What's he weight?

    How tall?
  3. Yea that pretty good I'll say. How much does he weigh?
  4. He is 5'10 about 165/170 ish... I am hoping he can add some weight!!!
  5. Buy the time he hits college he should be at 200-230. Thats some good speed he has there. He is still growing so he may be 6'0 or 6'1 or better.
  6. Now that you've weighed in with the weight :) - yes, that's a pretty good time at his age. Not if he was on the track team, but good for a baller! :supergrin:

    The challenge will be to hold that speed as his weight increases...

  7. how're his grades?

    he could have a great college career ahead of him.
  8. He is playing running back, linebacker, punt returner and kick returner... I am not sure where he will fall to at the varsity level... I think for LB he has to get bigger...
  9. he has never missed the A or B honor roll... of course, he is only a freshman though. However, he is off to great start in HS...

  10. Well dammit remember where you got encouragement from when THE NEW YORK GIANTS are crushing whatever team he's playing for in the NFL playoffs, conference finals or SuperBowl.

    Of course, everyone's who is in on this thread already AUTOMATICALLY is place for 4 season tickets. Right? :supergrin:

  11. In 9th I was 150 and running a 4.9/40
    4.7 is very good. I was a middle linebacker.
  12. when I was a freshman I ran a 5.6 or 5.7/40.........but I was an offensive tackle :wavey:
  13. That's really good speed, but take my advice on this-

    Do not get too caught up in the combine numbers game. If he wants to have a future playing football in college, he needs to learn to play the position! It seems like kids/parents/coaches these days place too much emphasis on shaving a few 10ths off of 40 times, often paying big money at training centers and such. A much more efficient use of time is learning to be the best at his position he can be.

    Now get him weighing 200 and squatting 400lb for next season^^
  14. I am not sure he can put on 30 lbs of muscle by August... but is currently Squating 295, Clean n Press'n 200, and Benching 200---

    He already eats like a horse, but really doesnt add a lot of weight... I think maybe 10-15 lbs is more realistic by August... that would put him about 180-185 for his sophomore season...
  15. Good numbers - a 200 lb C&P is nothing to sneeze at, especially at that body weight. His press and bench numbers seem odd, though (unless you are talking about a clean & jerk of some sort).

    Don't forget the other big lift - deadlifts.

    Just a few suggestions... buy him this book: www.StartingStrength.com. It may very well be the best $30 you will spend. It'll help him learn good form from a young age. Then google GOMAD. Also, make sure he keeps up his speed work.
  16. have him continue to work out and LEARN the game. Find out what defense the coach plays and what responsibilities are for the backers.. If you are serious and can afford it this spring get him in a high intensity training site, they are everywhere, they focus on speed and footwork and explosive strength.

    Eating( Lots) of good food working out and sleeping at least 9 hours a night is all he will need to put on muscle, given a proper foundation in strength training, and most competitive High school programs have strength coachs that are better than what colleges had 10 years ago..
  17. He is at one of the biggest schools in our state, and they have a top 10 program. Since the season ended this year, they have been in what they call their "Bigger, Faster, Stronger" program... from what I can recall, they lift 3x per week, and work with the track coach a couple of times per week...

    It seems to be a good program.
  18. Maybe I labled it wrong... but the lift from the ground and then press over the head... I thought this was called the clean and press... he can about 200 with that lift...
  19. Not aimed at the OP, but 40 times are an absolute joke. I follow recruiting and find it hilarious that kids come out of college with four years of pretty elite training slower than they were in high school. Such and such recruit will "report" a sub 4.4 in high school but couldn't break a 4.4 at the combine or their college's pro-day 3-5 years later.
  20. They are probably a joke if not timed correctly... thats probably why most colleges will test the kids they are interested in, or observe the test being done before offering a scholarship...

    I am pretty sure college coaches will not offer a full ride based soley on a self reported 40 time... but a 40 time that jives with ones play on the field cannot be ignored!!!