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    A Texas Parks and Wildlife man was walking the Galveston beaches, when he heard shotgun blasts being fired about once or twice every minute or so. He ran down the beach, until he came upon a man, sitting in the back of his truck, shooting seagulls. His truck bed was filled with seagulls!
    The officer came running up with handcuffs out, ready to arrest the man.
    The man dropped to his knees and started to beg, saying "Please officer! Dont arrest me! My family is starving, and this is the only way we have to eat! Please dont arrest me, please please..."
    After a while, the mans pleading began to sink in, hte officer finally let him go, simply telling him not to shoot anymore. The man was overjoyed, and was scrambling into his pickup when the officer turned and said,
    "Ive never had a seagull before. What do they taste like?"

    The man smiled and said "Oh, like a cross between a Blue Herron and a Bald Eagle."
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    Sounds Pretty tasty!
    Similar to spotted owl, no doubt.^c