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Follow-up on my Gen 2, G17

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:cool: I've now put just shy of 700 rounds through the G17. Ammo has been reloads in 125 FMJ and 147 JHP and LFP. There have been no function issues and no leading issues with the moly-coated lead). Accuracy has been pretty good but not as good as my best Glock shooter, a G30. I purchased a new recoil spring, but the old one seems to be functioning fine, so I have a spare.

After round #70 the post on the front FO sight broke. I don't know any cause other than possibly age, but anyhow that was replaced. The trigger seemed heavier/stiffer than my other Glocks, so at about 300 rounds, I replaced the connector with a Glock 3.5 pounder. The difference isn't great, but I like the change.

Bottom line it that the 17 is a nice range gun and, I find, that it wouldn't be a bad carry gun, especially for hiking, camping, etc. The barrel may be a bit long for concealing, but nothing that the right cover clothing wouldn't take care of.