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I posted a couple of weeks or so ago I tradd in a SIG Mosquito for a Bersa Thunder .22. Just thought I'd follow up aftr clos to 1000 rounds through it. First I usd all Remington Gold pack ammo because around here it has a poor reputation for reliability. And in my Mosquito it would always get 3-4 failures to ingnite in each box. Not in the Bersa.
My first session was about 400 rounds of the stuff after cleaning and lubing the gun. Zero failures. Nada! I really like this since so many of the new "designer .22's" want to be feed CCI MiniMags. Yes it's still cheap compared to centerfire ammo. But it is expensive for .22. I'm used to my old Rugers firing everything put through them. Including the cheap bulk stuff. Not saying I've never had one not fire. But it was bad ammo and not the gun.
In the second session I fired about 500 rounds of the Remington stuff. The only thing that happened was towards the end I could feel the slide getting gritty feeling. It still worked though. Although not a target pistol it was very accurate at the ranges I shot it at. Back to about 15 yards. I had read that magazins were hard to find for it. This was not the cas for me.
I ordered one straight from Eagle that handles Bersa's here in the U.S.. About $27.00 plus shipping. Had it in a week. Th gun was $279.00 + tax and transfer. I swapped the SIG even for it though. $20.00 more if you want a two tone. So if you want a nice little care around plinking .22 I would highly recommend the Bersa. And I know a .22 is not great for slf defense. But if becaus of some type of problem you can only shoot .22 the little Bersa would make a fine little ccw gun. 10+1 rounds of Stingrs should do the trick if you do your part.
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