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Folks who have had kidney stones.

  1. I’ve had three many years ago. Right now I’ve got an intermittent pain in my left side that won’t go away and doesn’t feel like any muscle pain I’ve had. Been going on for 3 days.

    It’s on the same side my other 3 stones were.

    Is it possible I’m passing a stone? I haven’t noticed any blood in my urine..
  2. Chug lots of water, may be stones.
  3. Maybe it’s a tumor? You never know. My mommy says go to the doctor and she’s always right. :wavey:
  4. If it keeps hurting, I will.
  5. May God have mercy of your soul....kidney stones are worse than watching the Democrats debate..

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  6. So far I’m OK. Not too much pain so far.
  7. If you have had 3 previous stones before, and do not know if this is a familiar pain, then you are not a good learner. It is a very distinctive experience.
  8. Kidney stone related pain is very uncomfortable...a former medical director once called it the closest a male can come to active child birth.

    The pain typically starts in a patient’s back to the left or right of the vertebrae near the union of the bottom rib. Radiation of the pain is often reported around the same side of the body to the lower area of the abdomen. Patients typically do not find any positional relief, e.g.: sitting or laying down.

    Does your pain get worse with movement (standing, bending forward to reach a low object, turning your torso)? Any recent unusual physical activity (moving furniture or appliances, working in an odd position), or trauma to the area?
  9. Any pain not associated with sex or a great middle aged sporting moment I don’t wait and go see the doctor.
  10. I've had them in the past and have them now. See your Urologist asap. tom. :fred:
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  12. I had was very, bad....after a few hours in the middle of the night, it got extremely unbearable, called my dad, a physician he told me to go to the local hospital, sounds like a kidney stone, we had 2 small kids, so I drove over to the hospital, as I pulled into the parking lot the pain started to subside...I waited in the car, pain stopped....so I thought, what should I do....go into the hospital and tell them I had intense pain that was now gone? Went across the street to a diner, had breakfast, went home, showered, drove to work...never happened again?? What was that?
  13. Yup. Doctor visit.

    I hate going too but have learned the hard way not to wait on these things any longer than necessary.

    If nothing else, trust @nursetim’s mother!
  14. No change due to position. Drank lots of water tonight. Hopefully it will get better and just pass through.
  15. I've never had them but my brother in law did...I never laughed so much in a long time.
  16. Earlier this year, I went to the doctor about pain in my lower left abdomen. MRI revealed a stone deemed to large to pass. I had outpatient surgery to have it removed. Later on my Doc had me do two twenty-four hour urine collections to determine the cause / composition of the stone. The test said I had too much calcium and recommend I drink filtered water and lemonade for the citric acid benefits. I hope all goes well with you.
  17. I never felt anything until it was already in my bladder....

    I kept having this weird burning feeling when I pissed. Then it got lodged in the right side ureter. Holy ****. There is no way to move, no position that helps, no nothing til they hit me with the dilaudid in the emergency room.

    The one I had was the size of a large pea, and covered in spikes. Looked like a cockulburr. It wouldn't pass, so they had to surgically remove it. No incisions, they went through my, well, I will leave that for y'all to figure out.

    Afterwards, they had to put in a stent so the blood clot didn't plug me up, and I was awake when they took that out. Not fun.
  18. The one I had, I passed some blood a few days before, had slight small-of-the-back pain. I just ignored it.

    A few days later, it blocked my ureter *completely*, and I was in high pain.
    I could have driven to the hospital, but had the wife do it. They thought I would have permanent kidney damage from the blockage, but I lucked out.

    It was 10mm x 9mm, and TWO lithotripsies didn't even touch it. After 6 weeks (SIX!) they went up with a laser, and dragged pieces out with grabbers.

    I haven't had one in the intervening 10 years...
  19. My wife said it hurt worse than childbirth
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  21. Also consider diverticulosis (small pouches is the intestinal tract) which is very common in men over 40.
    Just have to hope it doesn’t develop into diverticulitis.
    Stay very hydrated, (which you would be doing anyway if kidney stones are suspected.)
  22. Had 3 in the past, but doesn't remember what they feel like...

    Yeah.... sure....
  23. Having had 4, all different, one blasted by sonic waves, one by laser, the other was pulled out, and one apparently passed. There was nothing pleasant about any of them. All were horrifically painful. I fell your pain. I'd see a doctor.
  24. Get them all the time. One thing that helps is Squeeze lemon juice into water. Drink lots of lemon water! Acid from lemon juice helps break them down/dissolve them at least to passable size.

    Have a good one

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  25. I think I had one a few months back. Not to sound odd but my "member" starting tingling at work and shortly after I got a pretty stout pain on my right side, near my kidney. It was very very unpleasant and just kept building, then it sort of went away. About 10-12hrs later it hit again, while I was trying to sleep. I drank water like a fish and basically curled up on the floor, no position was comfortable. That one went away but was worse than the first time for sure. It hit a third time, not as bad but it's like I could feel something wanting to come out as I pee'd, and I think it did, but it after that, I was fine. It was very unpleasant, not sure if it was a stone, but I think it probably was.
  26. Well now that everyone has given him signs and symptoms, he will have a better memory of the pain. Google Factitious Disorder.
  27. Woke up just now with no pain. Probably passed it. Thank goodness.
  28. o_O
  29. That is the most common description of a gallbladder attack. 60-90 bad minutes and then fine. For now.
  30. Wife had a gallbladder attack 8 years ago. Took her in to the local ER, pain went away, they discharged her & we went home. Only to have the attending Resident call us back in after reviewing her case. Turned out she had an inflamed gallbladder that needed to come out. Don’t wait too long to go see your doctor.
  31. The “gall bladder attack” has a different clinical presentation than kidney stones. The former has upper middle and/or right sided abdominal pain that gets worse with palpation, aka “Murphy’s Sign”. There is frequently right sided shoulder pain and/or upper back pain between the shoulder blades. Almost universally, the pain is rapid onset and following a meal high in fat.
  32. I drink lemonade almost every day
  33. Had surgery to have a handful removed from my R kidney back in 2014. Have drank tons of water every day since and never had an issue. Worst pain of my life, no question.
  34. "Gallbladder attack" was over 40 years ago, and never a problem after...so it probably wasn't gallbladder...but stones that ??? (I did pee into a strainer, but never found anything, not in the shower...)
  35. Reading this while drinking my morning coffee is giving me sympathy pains. I too now drink lotsa water, but keep a few pain pills ready in the event a big one comes on a weekend night when all the pharmacys are closed. So far mine have passed with no drama.[emoji16]

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  36. My every day drink is one part Simply Lemonade to two parts Deer Park sparkling spring water. Makes a nice refreshing beverage that I drink all day, pretty much every day. Straight lemonade has a bit too much sugar for me in the quantities I drink.
    I like to stay hydrated.
    Usually add a couple ice cubes made from frozen spring water, I don’t care for our tap water.
  37. Cranberry juice and lots of it.