Fobus holster review multiple guns

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    The very first holster I ever purchased, around 10 years ago, was a Fobus for my G26. At the time I didn't know much about guns or holsters at all. I saw some complaints on Fobus and some good reviews. So I bought one. It was a Fobus Roto Paddle. Initially, I felt it carried ok but drawing the gun took a decent amount of effort and gave me a wedgie a few timess. I got rid of it and traded up to a Sidearmor IWB. I now have 3 or 4 Sidearmor rigs.

    Well after searching around for a week or two and trying to find a holster for my S&W 5906...Fobus was the ONLY company that actually made one...for under $50.

    While I was at it I also ordered one for my Ruger P95.

    They just came today.

    First off, I tried the holster for my P95 out. Turns out the rails on the newer P95's DON'T fit. The gun was able to be forced into the rig but no matter how much I pulled it wouldn't come out when drawing. I actually had to hold the holster with one hand and pull the gun out with the other hand for it to finally release. So that one is going back.

    Next was the holster for the S&W 5906. Since I don't yet have my pistol, I couldn't test it out. However, I read on te package that the holster would work with the Sig P225 as well. So I went and got my P6 and tried it. Fits great!! Draws smooth...I'm pretty impressed considering the price.

    One complaint I do have is that they REALLY trimmed down the trigger gaurd coverage! I mean if the Sig is cocked, it would be fairly easy to fire the gun while holstered. Since this is just a range holster, it's not a huge deal. But if I planned to carry the gun, I'd definitly have to keep the gun in DA/un-cocked mode so the trigger is farther into the holster.

    Just figured I'd share.