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FNP-357 - another "ammo matters" range report!

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Grabbed my FNP and some ammo that I just wanted to turn into empty brass. I usually take my P226 out with the "not so good" ammo.
I'm not sure what all the technical details are with loading the 357Sig. Almost all the name brand factory stuff is good to go, and I have had a lot of off-name brands shoot outstandingly:
Trident ammunition
Sharp Shooter ammunition
Fenix ammunition
Big Bear Firepower
Master-Ammo Company
Heritage Ammunition
Dead Zero Ammunition
and others

Then I have shot stuff that cannot fly shooting a scattergun:
Vet-made ammunition
Washougal River Cartridge Company
Sillman Cartridge Company
....And two that are coming up in this report!

I have learned, when turning rounds into empty brass, to take one good load along to (1)keep your confidence up.... and (2)so others at the range don't think you are a horrible shooter.
That would be the first load up - Federal American Eagle - 125g - FMJ - and here are the first three shots at 14 yards:

Gun Firearm Trigger Practical shooting Revolver

Two decent shots and a flyer! Now,after shooting steel, I come back to the paper for three more:

Gun Firearm Shooting sport Shooting Shooting range

Two of the shots basically in the same place... and then the flyer in the opposite direction. lol
Those are all me! Every round functioned perfectly in the FNP! Here is six shots on 18 yard steel:

Shooting range Shooting Shooting sport Recreation Sport venue

Also went six-fer-six on the other 18 yard steel:

Gun Shooting sport Shooting Recreation Shooting range

No 25 yard gong on this range trip! I was using my son's car while he was using mine to move out of his apartment...and the gong stand wouldn't fit in his car.
I had the 8" popper at 31 yards, and I went 4/6 on it. The three knockdowns were at 38 yards (about 5 yards further than normal) and I went 2/2 on both of these:

Design Rock Tree Hand Plant

The round knockdown (not shown)? I went a measly 1/5 on it.
Then out to the far steel at 50 yards. No misses!! 17-fer-17!!:

Purple Shooting range Recreation

Now my record at far steel (50 yards) with the FNP is 18 in a row.... My overall record was 26 in a row with the P229 using Underwood and Heritage ammo.
The problem was..... the next two loads were known inaccurate ammo! Well....darn!

Next load up was AGB Arms - 124g - FP (All Guns Blazin) - Out of business now I believe. I shot their 38 Special and had a squib load. Their 357Sig ran OK but was inaccurate out of the P229. Here are six shots on paper at 14 yards

Gun Shooting sport Shooting Revolver Recreation

Nope... the FNP couldn't tame it. Here are all the stats at steel:

3-6 on round steel 18 yards
2-6 on other 18 yard steel (8" round)
1-6 on the popper @ 31 yards away
1-2 on the 8" square knockdown target at 38 yards
1-3 on the 8" round knockdown target at 38 yards
1-7 on the 7.2x12" small silhouette knockdown target at 38 yards
2-14 on the 50 yard steel

Now the SBR (S. Ballistics Research) - 125g - HP ....yeh...if you've read my reports, you know whats next! Here are six shots on paper at 14 yards:

Blue Shooting sport Illustration Shooting Shooting range

Looks like maybe three or four of those shots key-holed (were tumbling)!!

Here are the stats:

2-6 on round steel 18 yards
1-6 on other 18 yard steel (8" round)
0-6 on the popper @ 31 yards away
0-6 on the 8" square knockdown target at 38 yards
0-6 on the 8" round knockdown target at 38 yards
0-6 on the 7.2x12" small silhouette knockdown target at 38 yards
0-8 on the 50 yard steel

I noticed when I was shooting at the knock-downs at 38 yards the bullets were hitting dirt at about the distance of the popper - 31 yards.....YOI!!
Anyway, mission accomplished as I have now turned all my AGB rounds to empty brass and put more of a dent in my pile of SBR rounds.

Also, All the rounds did feed, fire and eject perfectly!!
In the last six hundred rounds now, I have had only 3 failures to feed (two of those with another off-brand remanned ammo - Great Lakes Ammunition.
Reason I bring that up? - This pistol had lots of failures to feed out of the box(new) and then it started to smooth out... and has run great for a while!

Totals for this gun:
1,715 rounds of 357 Sig representing 30 loads
50 rounds of 40 S&W representing 1 load

Parting shot: First three shots at the popper @31 yards with Federal!!

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