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Pipe Material property Metal
Gun Trigger Air gun
Gun Ammunition Revolver
Bumper Auto part Metal
Door handle Latch Hardware accessory
Air gun Trigger Gun accessory
Up for sale is a USGI Surplus FN M16A2 Upper receiver. Many of these were released on the open market in the early 2000's. This one is in great condition. It's probably been fired, but not very much. The bore is shiny, rifling is crisp, and crown doesn't even have any carbon build up on it. Please photos for exterior details and markings.


FNMI 20" 5.56 MP Chrome-Lined
FMB forge marked A2 Upper
non-F marked FSB
Rifle feed ramps

The bolt carrier group is Colt. The carrier itself is C stamped and the bolt is stamped MPC. Carrier shows signs of having been shot, but bolt still holds carrier up by itself without collapsing. This is the original BCG that came with the upper when purchased as surplus. It may or may not be the original one paired with this rifle in service. It's plausible that it could have been swapped in service. I haven't seen a genuine USGI FN bolt carrier group out in the wild to compare it to.

Charging handle has an "N" stamp. I could find very little information on this.

Asking $720 shipped. Prefer USPS money order payment, thank you!
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