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FN 57 surplus ammo problem

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by toshbar, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. toshbar

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    Oct 20, 2009
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    Eastern NC
    I bought some surplus Belgian .30-06 a few months ago at the gun show to shoot in my Springfield Inc. reproduction Garand. headstamp is FN 57. My Garand has shot Greek M2 fine and various commercial ammo.

    I go to shoot it a few weeks ago and all I get is a really loud CLICK when I expected BANG ka-shing. Upon further inspection I notice that the primers are seated really far down and I'm getting light primer strikes. I let the hammer fall 3 times on one primer with no ignition.

    So last weekend I got my brother to try it out in his Winchester 70 bolt action. A few fired, and some had light primer strikes. I took a round that would not fire in my Garand, chambered it in my bro's gun, and it fired, leading me to believe that his firing pin protrudes slightly more. Later I got one virgin round to fire out of my Garand that day.

    A reloading friend and I were going to press out the primers and reprime and reload the components but we discovered that the primers cannot be pushed out(i think berdan primed).

    Any advice before I just toss the ammo?:faint:
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  2. bronco1


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    The FN 57 ammo that I have seems to be corrosive so have your brother check his M70 and clean appropriately. It is berdan primed and may be crimped in as well. It seems to be very high quality brass and I have a old RCBS berdan decapper but I have never tried to load the brass. Mine fired great in an M1 and 1917.