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FMCO custom vest and tons of custome pouches

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Well, everything changes I guess. Due to medical complications with (2) hernia surgeries, I am no longer able to carry my gear. I will be restricted for the rest of my life and in a state of constant pain.

Therefore, I am selling off my LBE equipment. All of this gear is FMCO, handmade here in the USA. It is the best gear I have ever had, and I have had many different brands. Much of the gear is still brand new (I bought 2 of just about everything). Equipment is for the AK and glock 17 pistol...I had an AK-74 but I believe it will work for all AKs.

Lots of custom pouches. Shipping is $12 per order flat rate, regardless of what or how much you buy. I will try to keep the pricing simple. I wil post replies to the thread with the other items

The first item is the vest itself. Custom made for 12 instead of 8 mags, includes 2 frag pockest as well. Wonderful vest that has carried me though thunder ranch urban rifle training and beyond.

All gear uses alice clips. No velcro anywhere.

Email me at [email protected]

More to follow...
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This have the clasp system to allow you to cinch down on 1 or 2 ak-74 mags...I have 2 of these..

$10 each
this pouch holds us regulation compass. it has fabric as well...i also used it to carry AA batt because it would keep them secure and prevent them from falling out

sorry here is the compass without the fabric $10
this is a great pouch...tapers from top to bottom...I could dump all 12 mags and 5 glock mags in it no problem. talk about a fast way to do mag changes...I have 2 of these...$25 each
This is the patrol pack with (2) insulated pouches for the camelbak 70 bladders. Great item with pouch on outside as well that carried my poncho. Lots of room inside as well even with both bladders installed. It attaches to the FMCO vest like a back pack and has anti-sway straps. At also attached to a web belt to serve as a buttpack. It cost over $100 to have this built.

Standard issue with inserts to help maintain shape.
Has a great system for attaching to web belt. Fast and easy without Alice clips. Very comfortable with extra mag holder.

It is attached to the LBV and provides shoulder holster mounting point for the pistol. I used it inside the LBV as well in a vertical install.

I have (2) of these $10 each. I used a lanyard to secure each item inside the pouch. Really nice.
I have (3) of these. $10 each, in like new condition. Held a 17 rnd g17 mag with or without the +2 extension...should hold other pistol mags as well.
Great item, includes the playtapus as well. 70 oz attaches to a web belt or rides high on the CLBV like a back pack. Includes camel back tube and bitevalve cover.

$40 for both
Each pouch holds 3 ak-74 mags and has an internal divider to keep them from knocking together.

I have (4) of these in like new condition...$12 each
The pouch was built for (4) 17 rnd with +2 extenders for the G17...will work with or with the to it is the thigh rig that went with it.

$15 each or both for $25
These are USGI from Ranger Joe...some of them have the original tag still on them. They are mil-spec I bought them with a NSN...

I have 2 medium and 2 large..

$10 each
Again from Ranger Joe with a NSN so they are milspec...couple of them still have the tag on them. I have (3)...$10 each.
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