Flying with the pope

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    This man was at the airport waiting to board his plane - and there was a rumor that the POPE was going to be on board !

    How exciting- he thought - since he had been a devote Catholic his entire life.

    He looked and looked, but didn't see the Pope.

    Then it came time for boarding and he looked around as people were seated on the plane - but he didn't see the Pope. He did notice that the seat next to him was empty - but figured it was just a rumor and blew off any hope of seeing the Pope.

    Just before they closed the door - the Pope came in and sat down right NEXT to him !

    How cool is this - he thought - I'm SITTING next to the Pope - WHAT COULD GO WRONG !!!

    After the plane took off, he noticed the Pope reached down and pulled a crossword puzzle out of his bag.

    Now the guy was overjoyed - MAN ! - not only is it cool that I'm sitting next to the Pope, but I love to do crossword puzzles as well !

    Then he noticed the Pope looked a little puzzled .... seems he was stuck for a word.... after a while, the Pope leaned over and said:

    You know, I usually don't like to bother people on flights, but I'm trying to finish this crossword puzzle and wondered if you could help me ....

    The man said - I LOVE CROSSWORD PUZZLES ! - OK, whats the hint ?

    The Pope said - I need a 4 letter word for a Woman and it ends with _UNT

    The man thought for a minute and said - I HAVE IT -

    its "AUNT"

    and the Pope said RATS

    do you have an eraser ?