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Florida serves as proving ground for progun laws

  1. GO FLORIDA!!!!!

    If I didn't live in God's Country (Colorado) AND if Florida wasn't so hot and humid I would move there. I love FL gun laws. Screw the liberal press and news media.........

  2. More states need to follow their lead. Way to go Florida! :wavey:
  3. They make it sound like FL is this promise land for pro gun people even though there are states who have the same laws or ever better laws. But they did get the ball rolling on some big 2A issues.
  4. Yea Florida has great gun laws, like constitutional carry.....

    DOH! Not so much...
  5. Proud to be born and raised :wavey:

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  6. Myself, as well.

    We have some good laws. Others....not so much.
  7. Gee, that article didn't have any slant at all. :upeyes:
  8. The thing I don't get about the criticism of the "stand your ground laws" is this:

    Even if a duty to retreat existed, to where does one retreat when one is down on the sidewalk getting his head bashed in? Under the sidewalk?

    It seems to me that if Zimmerman's story holds up it would be a justifiable homicide anywhere guns are legal. A person having his head banged into a concrete sidewalk has a legitimate risk of death or serious injury and no retreat seems possible to me.

    "If" is an awfully big word for only two letters, of course. I just don't understand that aspect of the debate.
  9. Not in Communist Siberia aka NYS, I wouldn't want to be in those shoes there. The mere fact Mr. Zimmerman got out of his car even though according to his story (and the evidence apparently) he started walking back, I think in NY he'd be cooked because of duty to retreat, despite getting his head bashed in.
  10. Yeah, I think in NY he'd have a much harder time trying to convince cops, DA, jury that he couldn't retreat.

    If the hoodie came into his home, that'd be different.
  11. ..or at least lifetime permits. No?

    ...well, open carry. No?


    They have an agenda. No matter how accurate, relevant or correct the media's statements are not, people buy into it

    I have a coworker who is completely convinced that with stand your ground laws you can shoot and kill anybody you feel threatened by and all you have to do is tell the police you were scared. You get a warning and off you go.