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Florida Gun Shop Sells Broken "new" firearms

  1. They're close to the biggest and best gun club in the state. They shouldn't treat customers like this.

    I know this customer, as I've bought guns from him. He wouldn't give us bad scoop.

    That store might be in trouble.
  2. Wow, can't beleive they left it to him to take care of it! Also, hard to beleive that they would not even check a gun going out the door, just on a liability issue.

    yeah, you could argue that the buyer should have checked close, but she was a first time buyer.
  3. Thats not right. I can't see how kel-tec would've shipped the gun out that way. That problems should be delt with by the store
  4. wow - sorry to hear that....you might also consider putting this on ktog.org
  5. I'm guessing the gunshop did it on purpose.

    They had a used and broken gun, and they picked a newbie woman to pawn it off on.

    Otherwise, why didn't they take it back and admit a mistake?

    There's got to be some paperwork trail on that gun, of how it got into the gunshop, and what condition it was in. Maybe a lawyer could force them to reveal that information.

    Probably should involve the ATF, too. Some kind of shennanigans was going on.
  6. taggity
  7. I bet that store is going to wish they just changed out the gun. Now it's on every forum know to the gun world!!!!!! I think they're going to have some problems.
  8. I'm sure those boys would LOVE to hear about this. Gives them a reason to go make a visit. I think that is a great idea.
  9. Their website is www.bhgunrack.com in case anyone wants to send them an email on this.
  10. wow - they call themself a "Police Supply" store.....:wow:
    I've always wondered in cases like these of gun deals gone wrong if calling the ATF would be effective....I say do it - you got nothing to loose and a better chance at results over just spreading the word on the net....

    Best of luck to ya...
  11. Wow, I bought my G23 from there, and was treated well but I can't believe that they would try to pass a gun in that condition off on somebody.

  12. Yeah, maybe there's some sort of gun laundering going on?


    There, that should get their attention. Maybe now the ATF will look into this matter.
  13. I was chatting w/ my local FFL and they told me that if I ever had someone screwed me on a gun deal they would help by getting the ATF involved....I thought it was a nice gesture but wondered if the ATF would even bother looking into a single reported case?:dunno:
  14. Yeah, but you gotta wonder what happened to that gun.

    Did someone use it in a murder, and then try to get rid of the evidence by smashing it with a sledge hammer?

    And then the gunshop is attempting to fabricate a legit paper trail by funneling it to a newbie woman, and trying to get her to send it back to the factory?

    Something fishy going on.
  15. What a shameful way for a retailer to treat a customer. I wish I lived in FL now just so I could never shop there. A good gun store is universally hard to find I suppose.
  16. That any business would so abuse a customer... Outrageous. That Kel-Tec customer service would so very ethically take care of an abused customer... Outstanding... Simply Outstanding in every respect.
  17. Why the hell would you not look at the gun you are buying??
  18. I'd be upset too, but this happened over a pretty short period of time and it could have been one employee having a bad day. Read the response of the owner and take it all under consideration before trying to sic the feds on the shop. The owner might also be FOS but WE weren't there. Wait until you hear other stories of bad service from the store before you guys try to ruin them.

    And in case you were wondering, I have no idea where the place is or what kind of people own the shop, I just know that this might be a misunderstanding and I hate seeing gun stores close all over the country.
  19. I would still raise an eyebrow at a shop who doesn't take the time to check the pistol before they sold it for NIB....what else do they neglect to do? By law, isn't the FFL suppose to verify the serial number of the gun (not box) prior to releasing it? And if that did in fact occur, how can one overlook the condition of the gun?

    Bottom line is they sold a broken firearm as a NIB and either did not know or did not bother telling the purchaser at the time of purchase. I'd get my money back and run....Plenty of other places to buy that gun, new in box....
  20. I would think that the gunshop knew about this...reason being is that the shop did not seem upset about it...did they check the rest of their stock to see if there were any defects...

    I would think that if I sold somebody something brand new and they returned saying it was badly damaged, my first instinct after making the customer whole would be to check the rest of my stock and make sure there are no other defects...

    Now maybe they did and he didn't mention it but from his description they were non-chalant about it...which would make me very suspicious

    EDIT: after reading the owners response I look forward to see the customers response...
  21. Is the response from the shop accurate? Was there no replacement available? Is Kel-tec only 4 miles away?

    Seems to be a lack of communication. Counter workers may need a little attitude adjustment.

  22. I emailed them a little bit ago(earlier when I first saw it) with the link to that thread and spoke my mind. I wonder if they will fix it or not?
  23. Interesting...saw this on FSN before the store was named. I've been to B&H several times, one of the more pleasant places to shop in Central Florida if you ask me. Too bad they apparently screwed up a bit.

    I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't have a replacement.

  24. The reply I got back was:

    I sent him a reply thanking him for his side of the story, and was sent this in return:
  25. What can the owner do to get in good will with the aggrieved customer? Fire the dumbass worker that didn't inspect the gun before completing the Yellow Form because if he/she did verify the serial number then he/she wouldn't have missed that big ass crack. Then the owner should fire the store manager that told the customer to go to Kel-Tec for resolution.

    If that store manager were to explain to the customer that by going to Kel-Tec, the customer would get a replacement quicker than going through the store then that's a different story. But just telling the customer that he should take the gun to Kel-Tec and not the reason behind it? I'd be one mad mofo customer.
  26. Being a mad customer is one thing. Demanding people lose their jobs over a situation that was easily avoidable is wrong. It looks to me like the ball was dropped on both sides. the clerk first, then the customer.
  27. If I were the owner of a business and found out that my workers were incompetent and neglectful not to mention disrespectful to customers, I'd fire them on the spot without the need to hear from the customer.
  28. Not the best of guns. Looking at the numbers will not tell weather the gun works or not.
    I would have taken it a few miles to kel-tec and gotten it fixed and then sold it and got a better gun.
  29. holy cow, that sucks i really hope that shop goes way out of its way to make ammends. that could be dangerouse.
  30. You have to watch everyone nowadays. The gun should have been inspected before leaving the store. It is sad that you can't trust anything nowadays.
  31. FWIW, they are one of the few GSSF Pistol Discount participating dealers in Florida. Interesting...bet they would not like the bad publicity on GLOCKtalk of all places, with LOTS of potential customers, and possibly blowback with GLOCK itself.
  32. It's a Keltec... It might have cracked in the box on the way home.

  33. Employee(s) made a mistake(s) and owner is sincerely apologizing and trying to make amends. All seems reasonable to me with the exception of the initial mistakes...I've certainly made enough to know that what matters most is how you respond to an error because nobody makes none.

  34. Good point. And if they had handled it correctly in the first place, and went above and beyond for the customer, they would have been rewarded with loyalty and word of mouth advertising.
  35. Interesting. Ive purchased several firearms from B&H over the years and have been nothing but satisfied with them. My first pistol from them was a PF-9. I agree, the firearm should have inspected on both ends. I make it a habit to check the gun before I complete my purchase. One thing about buying a Glock from B&H is the case is sealed. So when you buy it, it hasnt been tampered or fondled with by other customers. The Kel-tec is a no brainer. KT has the best customer service out there. :cool: Its a gray area especially once the firearm has "left" the store. I'd just take it back to KT and have them replace it :wavey:
  36. The worst part is that they are a Glock authorized LE dealer.

  37. Now that's what I was thinkin' too...
  38. Wouldn't an easy fix now be for the store owner to refund the difference of value between a new PF-9 and a used one. If I were the customer here that would be an acceptable compromise.
  39. The Unemployment people would love you. Firing them is overreacting, because the customer overreacted. He should have calmly adressed the upper level of management, as he did in the end, and he would have had a resolution.
  40. Good lesson learned, even if it was an honest mistake, to double check what you're taking out the door...
  41. that's the issue for me. If I paid for new in box, I expect new in box. Telling me you'd fix a broken one for what I paid new value for is unacceptable....If that's the best they can do, then a full refund should also be an option....if the item was that hard to find and it was my choice to keep it then I'd expect to be refunded the difference between new and refurbished - no surprises...
  42. are we outing Florida ripoffs? ok, bout time.

    Johnny Wacko on Ruger forum screwed me on a gun deal. Mods won't
    do squat to him and told me to keep quiet. Can't upset our members. My advice is to avoid this guy unless you like losing money.

    And Wild west guns in Jax tried to sell me a very used p3at as new.
    I asked the salesman about it and he rolled his eyes and mumbled
    "that's what I was told to say".
  43. That response from B&H was complete crap...they are still trying to pass blame in a round about way. Bottom line is they sold a pistol with a cracked slide and are acting like it's 'no big deal' and even excusable...that shows exactly how much they care. I definitely won't be shopping with them here in Florida.
  44. You may tolerate your workers' incompetence, but not me.

    First of all, there was the very initial incompetence of whomever checking the gun in as it was received from Kel-Tec or distributor. How can anybody tell me that if they had looked at the gun's serial number and not seeing that big ass crack is beyond me.

    Then the other incompetence or negligence arised when the sales rep did not properly inspect the gun AGAIN when it was sold to the customer. How can you suppose to verify the serial number on the gun to make sure that it goes on the Yellow Form and not see that big ass crack?

    Then the final incompetence/apathy/negligence/stupdity of the store manager who told the customer to resolve the issue on his own without explaining to him that it's in his best interest to go to Kel-Tec because the new gun would get to him faster than the store can get him a new one.

    You're right though. The worker bees may not need to be fired but the store manager's got to go for damn sure. He is ultimately responsible for not only his action but the action of the workers underneath him.
  45. I bought one from them yesterday and didn't open it. It was a Blue Label G17 Gen4 still sealed from Glock. It was fine. I have bought from them 5 times and have had no issues.

  46. Let me explain it like this. I have been a manager in retail and food service industries. You cannot fire every employee that makes a mistake or ticks off a customer. It will cost YOU in the long run.

    Unemployment is a pool system. You pay a percentage into the your pool. When someone gets fired, they almost always get unemployment. When your people claiming unemployment goes up, so does your percentage. When you fire people for any little thing, and you end up with 4 or 5 people on unemployment, and you only employee 10 or 12 anyway, you are going to be paying a very high percentage into unemployment.

    So, while you may say it would make the customer happy, or it would satisfy you to fire them, its not a business savvy thing to do. You should correct the employee, give them a few days off without pay, make them apologize, do whatever is necessary, and make a written warning of it. That way, when they do it again and you fire them, they cannot claim unemployment as it was an ongoing issue they were given written warning on.
  47. And I'm a manager for a multi-billion dollars constructtion company. I'd rather get rid of dead weights than having them dragging my company down. BTW, if you fire them for cause, they can't claim unemployment.
  48. Wow, there's a shop in Florida I hav'nt been to? I'll live without checking this place out I guess.
  49. For being rude to a customer would not qualify as cause. I have spent a lot of time dealing with unemployment claims. If you dont have at least one written warning in place you will be paying, in most cases. I am glad that you take the time out of your multi-billion uber important job, but I would think you would understand how a small business is impacted by Unemployment laws. Here are the basics, from both parties, and these are the admitted facts:

    1. The clerk and the female customer both handled the gun in question before it left the store
    2. The display model had a blued slide, the customer wanted a parkerized slide, thats the reason they pulled one from the back, the only parked on in the store
    3. Customer finds problem and comes back to store
    4. Customer wants an exact replacement, one is not available. The only model available is blued, customer does not want one. Customer brings up taking it to kel tec, the manager suggests its a good idea, as they will fix it while he waits.
    5. Customer, without complaint, leaves store to go to kel tec.
    6. Customer then posts on the internet about how horrible he was treated and how they tried to rip his wife off, etc.

    After all this, the people on the message forums start making wild accusations based upon misleading information posted by the OP. If you go back to the original thread you will see that the OP admitted to the facts of the issue, he just "wasnt happy."

    This is all a stupid argument that does nothing but badmouth a business that does not deserve it, they did everything they could. OFfered exchange of a different model, refund, etc. They cant make a new one.