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Fleas this year.........are they bad or what????

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I took my 2 house cats into the vet younger one has been scratching his ears, face, head and then I see him flinching his skin on his body, like he is getting bit by something. He also takes off when this happens and runs real fast. I am not seeing any flea.mite dirt in his ears or fleas running around in his hair.........

Now I know fleas *can* live in the carpet and the vet today said that *I* may have brought a flea(s) in on my shoes when I mowed the grass (tracking grass cuttings in possibly)......the vet says cats will act like something is "after" them when a flea bites, they will act like they are trying to get away.......

The vet had me go to Pet Supermarket to pick up some "Advantage"......a 4 pack (because I will treat both cats) is 39.99!! ugh!!! (where can I buy stock in the Bayer company?? sheeesh!!)

I took the younger cat's collar off and applied a tube of it to the back of his neck......rubbed it in real good, and he took off and hid under the couch for 2 hours because he was so upset with me, and it does not smell real good.

It is looking like he is not flinching with his skin, scratching his ears and face, and not doing his little bursts of speed like something is biting him.

The vet says she thinks this may be it......she says indoor cats only need ONE flea to bite them because they are NOT used to them, and are overly sensitive to them.

My vet also said this year is one of the WORST flea years she has seen here in the south......humidity and heat is why she says.

Anyone else have an indoor cat who acted like they were getting bit?? Your experiences??

Dog owners.......are you guys seeing your buddies scratch alot this year?? Are fleas bad where you live???
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My cats are still both scratching their heads, and their skin is still twitching like something is biting them........they shake their heads like they are trying to shake something off........

I treated them both with Advantage Flea liquid on the backs of their necks.......not the combo flea and tick formula..........

Any ideas?? Could it be ticks?? They are house cats, but I wonder if I brought something in when I mowed the grass???

I am at my wits end folks.........what else could be biting them???

As I said, there is nothing in their ears....the vet looked in no ear mites.........

maybe the Advantage did not work???

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Originally posted by SouthernGal
Way to go Peachie, you jinxed me! :(

I found 4 fleas on my short haired dachshund last night and they never get on her! They have no place to hide!

SGs gotta go home and do some serious washing and some serious sprinkling of the borax on the carpets!
my two are still acting up like something is biting them..........I have now done 2 treatments of "Advantage" on each of them........

I am at a loss.

I guess I will just wait this out, and see if they quit come winter time.

The vet has NOT seen once bit of fleas on either cat and NO flea "dirt" on the exam table.

I give up......... :upeyes:

I hope that little doxie girl of yours gets better!!!
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