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Flavored Chemtrails.

  1. Taste the rainbow. :supergrin:

  2. Gaaah! Those are the special chem trails that make people gay. :outtahere:
  3. I'd prefer 'chocolate brownie' myself ...

    Trix are for kids .... :whistling:
  4. Taste the Rainbow.

    Oh wait, Nevermind; wrong commercial.


  5. The Powerpuff Girls going to attack Mojo Jojo!
  6. A gay fly by? Taste the rainbow biatch.

  7. I am not sure what else one would need for proof
  8. It's convinced me.

    Well, that and this picture.


  9. Awright ..... who talked ? ... :frown:

    ...... "We are the best paid pilots other than Air Force 1"..... :wow: .....
    Wait ! ..... Where do I sign up ? .... :supergrin:

    Good thing he interviewed a pilot .....

    Pilots are serious guys ....

    .... and would never yank anybody's chain ... :whistling:
  10. Post removed to comply to the alien overlords

    The holographic me will soon me upgraded to a clone
  11. I love one of the comments on that page:

    "If a chemtrail believer or someone who know one comes here, they need to understand that the same sort of people who pass around faked or misattributed photos of ordinary things are a sign, a symptom of either gullibility, ignorance, or deliberate deception. These three things are all it has taken to advance a totally false hoax begun in 1997 by an obscure neo-nazi named Larry Wayne Harris to a worldwide movement based on absolutely nothing, with no redeeming value and many many negative consequences."

    Yes, this Larry Wayne Harris: http://articles.baltimoresun.com/1998-02-20/news/1998051082_1_bubonic-anthrax-plague-bacteria
  12. You are now on their list... run.
  13. I guess that's half the fun of a hoax. You get to use it to credit or discredit other stories as conspiracies.
  14. I don't have to run. I'm one of "them". :p
  15. ... and ...

    Rainbows are not under gay domain...

    Nudists called dibs
  16. Please forgive me sir... I will help your get to their brains... but you have to spare me at least thru 2/25, have concert tickets,

    First suggestion is for the biggest brains don't bother with politicians, prisoners and Amway cult people.
  17. If it wasn't for chemtrails how does one explain the difference in numbers of packaged hot dogs and buns?

    Really? ! Is more proof needed?? !!
  18. Not that further proof is needed but how do you explain the curved one unless it is chemtrails. The straight one someone might say are just jets going northerly but the backwards C is clearly for chemtrails
  19. Don't believe any of it. You are being manipulated. You do not need tin foil breathing masks. Do I LOOK worried? Do I look like I would lie to you?
  20. The only reason those chemtrails here were not in different colors is because Anita Bryant chased all that out of here
  21. [​IMG]
  22. Damn you, SuperAmerica! :fist:
  23. Stop worrying. We have everything under control. We're only here to serve man.

  24. Send the mother ship, 53 of Paul.
    I am ready to go.
    Don't pick up aircarver.
    He'll break it.

  25. It's like a party in your mouth!
  26. Don't go; IT'S A COOKBOOK.