Flash: Firefox 3.6 w/Personas released by Mozilla

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    Check the personas and the speedier Firefox at www.mozilla.com.

    Make the right browser update: Firefox 3.6
    By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols
    Created Jan 21 2010 - 11:38am

    Oh the irony! After one of the biggest Internet Explorer security fiascoes ever, Microsoft is finally releasing a patch for the IE problem [1] ... on the same day that the Mozilla Foundation [2] is releasing the latest and greatest version of its Web browser, Firefox 3.6 [3].

    You have a choice today: You can either stick with the sickly IE family -- 6, 7, or 8, it doesn't matter they all suffered from the same security hole [4] -- or you can move to what's I've found to be the best version of Firefox in years [5]. Boy, this is a tough decision isn't it?

    Seriously. How can you justify using IE these days [6]? Just look at its track record. Every few months a new critical, zero-day IE security bug pops up. Who needs this?

    Windows has endless problems besides IE, including a nasty security hole that's been lurking in all versions of Windows for over 17 years [7]. At least switching Web browsers is easy, unlike moving from Windows to Linux.

    Yes, Linux is safer by far than Windows, but shifting operating systems is a big deal. It's not for everyone, and for a company, it requires both planning and training. But changing Web browsers is as easy as changing your pants.

    With a fast Internet connection, you can download Firefox 3.6, install it, transfer all your IE bookmarks and settings, and be back on the Web in less than five minutes. There's no learning curve to speak of. If you can use IE, you can use Firefox.

    What do you have to lose? Nothing but a lot of security headaches.

    If you do elect to stick with IE, at the very least install the IE patch the second it becomes available. It's a lead-pipe cinch that as soon as the patch comes on, criminal hackers will make a big push to attack PCs without the patch. They always do in situations like this.

    Want to avoid this trouble? Dump IE and replace it with Firefox. If you don't care for Firefox, try Google Chrome [8], Opera [9], or Apple's Safari [10]. Any of these browsers is better and safer than IE.
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    Using it on my Mac right now. It's very fast thus far...

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    I was using 3.6 while it was in Beta.
    I can't tell a HUGE difference.
    But it does seem to be very stable.

    Thought I did get a flash script to malfunction on a Toyota forum just tonight.
    Shut down FireFox, restarted and restored the last session and the problem was GONE.
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    I wonder if the problem between Firefox and Netgear routers will be fixed with this version?