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Fl cc advice

Discussion in 'GATE Self-Defense Forum' started by Gnflorida, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Gnflorida


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    Jan 29, 2012
    I recently had my first child, the day we came home from the hospital I picked up my g19 I had on layaway. Money is tight right now and I can't afford the Cwp. I was wondering what the best way if any to carry in a vehicle while still having reasonable access to the weapon. Also if I was *caught* with the firearm would there be any leanince given the situation? This would purely be to protect my family in an extreme situation I want to stress this and I am very familiar with the carry laws and when using my weapon would be justifible.* if I had the Ccp* thank you for your advice guys.
  2. Mas Ayoob

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    Nov 6, 2005
    Congratulations on the new baby. It kinda triggers that whole "father wolf" protective instinct, doesn't it?

    Been there, done that, appreciate where you are right now. Taking your questions in no particular order:

    Expect no leniency whatsoever, in any jurisdiction, if you are carrying a gun illegally.

    For Florida, two recommendations. First, for any state: It's the best, most up to date compendium of gun laws for the fifty states that I've found anywhere. It will give you links to details of those laws, state by state. Second, for Florida: Attorney Jon Gutmacher's latest edition of "Florida Firearms Law, Use, and Ownership" which you can order from www.Florida Firearms

    As I understand it (keeping in mind that I'm not a lawyer and don't give legal advice), you can have a loaded handgun in your car IN FLORIDA, IF it is in a container such as a box, zippered gun case, briefcase, or holster with safety strap which does not allow the gun to be fired while it's in that "container." Glove box and console, when closed, are also "containers," THERE.

    My personal suggestion? Consider that a stop-gap. I know money is tight when you're a young dad. But -- make the concealed carry permit your top immediate priority in this matter!

    That adorable, helpless little bundle of protoplasm whose diapers you are now changing will very, VERY soon turn into a fast-moving inquisitive little rug rat with groping hands, and left alone even for seconds will get its little fingers on anything you don't want the kid to touch. We've had some hideous cases of kids left alone momentarily in cars who did horrible, tragic things with guns their parents didn't think they could reach.

    You'll be spending more time with your lady and your baby at home than in the car, and if that Glock is the only gun you have right now, you'll want to have it in the home with you. In Florida, open carry is not legal, and carrying what might obviously be a handgun from house to car and vice versa can trigger a nervous nellie neighbor into calling in a man with a gun complaint. Moreover, bringing the gun back and forth by hand when carrying baby, groceries, etc. invites mishandling and unintended discharges.

    A concealed carry permit solves all this, and lets the gun stay discreetly on your body, out of anyone else's sight or reach, and always immediately available to you. Combine that with a quick-release gun safe by the bed when you go to sleep, and your bases are covered.

    Wishing you the best of luck and happy fatherhood, young brother,