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I have a FIST #20 in Ultra Thin Kydex, with a Body Protector and Tension Screw for a Glock23.

Included are two 1.5'' screw-on straps and two 1.5'' snap-straps. The screw-on straps are currently attached to the holster, and show considerable wear because I bent them to make them softer. The snap-straps need a screw to attach to the holster, and are in better condition. You may want to order a new set of straps of your choosing from FIST when you recieve the holster. Just FYI.

The holster is in EXCELLENT condition, and I only wore it once or twice...and never outside. The reason for the sale is because I also bought a FIST #19, and have decided to go with that holster instead.

This holster is the most thin you will find anywhere! It's incredible how easily it conceals, even when wearing shorts and a t-shirt!

I paid a total of $95.70 less than a month ago ($87.95 for the holster & $7.75 for S/H.) And this price doesn't include the $5.50 I paid for the extra straps, too.

I'd be willing to let the entire package go for $75, with USPS Priority Shipping to your destination.

Thanks for looking!

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