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First time with my Glock 19

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After trading in my 2nd gen, 16 year old G22 for this 5 year old 3rd gen G19 I finally got to the range this morning. :wow:

All I have to say is that I'm in love...... :supergrin:

This gun truely lived up to the hype.
Absolutely amazing to fire. Little recoil, extremely accurate, and ultra reliable. Not to say that my 22 wasn't, but this was just more fun for me to shoot. :supergrin:

Thanks to those of you that recommended me getting a 19. :wavey:
Put 200 rounds through her this morning, but loved every single one.

I even used my 33 round G18 mag and was surprised how well it felt.
It was really weird. I was expecting it to be awful with that mag.

Thanks again Glock Talk!! :supergrin:
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19s are awesome aren't they?...:supergrin:
Love both the G19 and G23! (I want to try a G32 too) Congrats!
Glad it works out well for you. Congrats
I just shot a match this morning using my g19. The gun worked perfectly, the operator not. But that's the fun. By the way, it was a 3 gun match: 84 pistol, 16 rifle and 3 shotgun was the round count for the match.
Double tapping is so easy with the 19, I simply love mine and would sell my car before my Glock.
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