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First time glock owner with a question

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Huskershooter23, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. Huskershooter23


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    Jan 31, 2013
    Hey guys, Obviously this is my first post although I've been following the site for a few months leading up to the purchase of my first hand gun, I picked up a G23 Gen 4 and love it. I have two questions. 1) I picked it up on Wednesday and immediately went out and put about 100 rounds threw it, it worked perfect! But at the end of the session I went to put a loaded mag in and it seemed like it took A LOT of presser to get the mag to lock in?! I had my friend who owns a G19 Gen4 try it and he got it to lock in the first try. Again last night I was dry firing it and noticed an empty mag was lock in with almost no presser applied but a loaded mag took several try's, all attempts I pressed a little harder to see what it actually took to lock it in place, so the question is, does this seem normal, do I just need to give it more effort? I didn't notice that I had to give it such a "hit" to get it loaded while firing on the range.
    2) I want to know if anybody thinks this was a good deal, or if I over paid way to much? Keep in mind I am in Las Vegas and prices are different than maybe the Midwest or south. I paid $650 for the G23 Gen 4 with a born on date of 4/23/2011. The gun obviously had only been shot a few times (i was told it had 40 rounds threw it) there was no wear, no "smile" on the end of the barrel so I believe the number of rounds to be true. the gun came with 4 extra 13 round mags totaling 7 mags. the gun store I bought it at is selling the same factor mags for $35 a piece.
    p.s. I bought it on consignment.

    Thanks guys!
  2. troysglock

    troysglock Member

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    Jul 6, 2008
    They are a little harder to get the mag in when full, but never extremely difficult. You can load one less bullet in the mag to make it easier. Decent price only considering the current prices with that many mags. Now take it out to Front Sight.

  3. SiGlockBoy


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    Mar 4, 2009
    Remember you have a loaded mag with a fully compressed spring and your jamming the mag up into the gun. Now the top bullet is pressing on the slide from underneath and trying to push that already compressed mag spring down even further.

    Yes, it will take more effort. Just give a light rap on the bottom of the mag with your palm to seat it firmly.

    Empty mags don't have the mag spring compressed and therefore are easy to insert. The follower just pushes lightly against the bottom of slide.

    It will get easier as your mag springs wear in too.
  4. ADK_40GLKr

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    Nov 14, 2010
    RFD NY Adks
    My experience with .40's is that the full mags are a bit tighter.
    You could insert mag with the slide back, or...
    Give the bottom of the mag a good rap with the heel of your hand to get it seated or...
    Download the mag by 1 or 2 rounds.

    I had one new mag in my 27 that was so tight when full that I couldn't pull the slide back. Disassembling the mag and trimming the extra plastic so the spring fit better, loosened it up some.