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First they wanted them...now they don't.

  1. Well, see...people in uniform apparently make minorities feel uncomfortable. And, since we have become a society more concerned with feelings than reality - we can't have the little darlings reminded daily that rules will be enforced.
  2. I've said it before, I'll say it again; The biggest obstacle to America healing as a nation is mental illness.
  3. By any other name it would be liberal illness.
  4. Do they want to return to segregation?
  5. That's the problem. The really don't know what they want. They feel instead of thinking.
  6. Well they have supported separate dorms, safe spaces where whites are not allowed and separate graduations so the answer seems to be yes.
  7. So, how about letting them use their own tax-base to fund these things? I’m betting that would prevent any of it from coming to fruition.
  8. Considering the non-white safe spaces and classes that whites can't take in colleges? Yes, it seems they do.

    And the no LEO in schools will only last until the next school shooting, then they'll want them back again.
  9. Especially when there's a good chance they WON'T be enforced....