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First tattoo...?

  1. I am a high school teacher in a fairly liberal community.

    I been struggling with some personal issues. A recent death in my family has stirred a lot of things up.

    I want to get a tattoo as a reminder to stay strong and to never give up.


    I am little concerned about what my employer might think. And there is my wife.

    This would be my first tattoo.

    Anyone have any thoughts.
  2. Enjoy retirement
  3. I have a couple from my Navy days, one on each calf. My company doesn’t allow exposed tattoos and having them on my calf is not an issue.
  4. If it's liberal....you're in the clear.
  5. Get it where it’s covered by your shirt, and don’t make the decision while overly emotional. Once you have it, it’s there to stay. Make sure the art is unique and personally meaningful. Read reviews and pick a reputable artist to do the work. Different artists specialize in different styles. You get what you pay for.

    Obviously make sure your wife is on board first.
  6. It'll fade with time, so fine work should be avoided.

    Check first with a small sample of the ink to see if you're allergic.
  7. Get one, but not visible to anyone when clothed.
  8. Hold fast on your fingers?
  9. What this man said.
  10. Be 1000% sure, then, maybe a small one somewhere not visible except to you !!!
  11. Calf. IMHO it needs to mean something. [​IMG]

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  12. Well, tat's can be removed via laser, but it can be a painful process, especially when there's alot to remove. My son is going through this process now, but only to remove previous work so his new stuff will look as he likes.

    What I find real interesting about the topic of tattoos is that those who don't have or believe in them sure spend alot of time badmouthing those who do, yet those who have ink never seem to have anything derogatory to say about those who don't. And that's a distinct and notable difference in mindset that says an aweful lot to me about how shallow and narrow minded some people are...
  13. I think it would be a mistake to get a tattoo on your hands, face or neck. Just say'n

    I have four but are easily covered by a dress shirt
  14. Yup.
  15. Not a fan. My only tattoo is a grayish-black circle about 2mm in diameter on my left thigh, where I was accidentally stabbed with a freshly-sharpened pencil in 8th grade.
  16. That girl that beat you up? :outtahere:
  17. Someone here once said that a tattoo was a short term solution to a long term issue. Think about it.

  18. Nah, just while walking in crowded halls between classes.

    You reminded me of something though, from grade school. This abnormally tall & fat 6th grader named Jimmy was a regular destroyer of 3rd graders on the playground during recess. He was probably what we now call 'special needs' and much older than normal 6th graders. Anyway, he had a little sister named Teresa in 2nd grade. If you were the unlucky 3rd grader du jour, first Jimmy would get you on the ground, then he'd have Teresa cuss you out, then he'd beat you up. And she said every dirty word there was. Dirty words you've never heard before. Somehow, that part was more shameful than the beating.

    Anyway, tattoos ... I just don't get it, never have. I bet Jimmy's got a bunch now. And Teresa.
  19. Permanent solution to a temporary problem. Think about it first, for about ten years.
  20. I have a big W on each cheek of my butt...when I do cartwheels it spells:
    WOW MOM WOW :dancing:
  21. Where do you live? Do your research on Tattoo artists in your area.
    Don’t go cheap. Pay for the best work you can afford.

    My last two tattoos were done by Carl Grace. He’s in Las Vegas. He also has a shop in Boston. Plus he travels to Europe doing his work.
    My small Griffin on my shoulder blade was $600.00
    My Saint George and the Dragon tattoo on my side took eight hours and cost $3100.00
    But it was worth it!
    The ink most artists use today doesn’t fade as much as it used to 20 years ago.
    Plus I use tatto care lotion everyday over my “artwork” to help keep it from fading over time. Over Ink.
    Also if your in the sun, with your tattoo exposed, it’s Very important to use sunscreen over your tattoo so again it doesn’t fade over time.
    Take care of your tattoo!
    It cost money and time to get it done right. (and a little pain ;) )
    If you can, get the tattoo done in a place where you can reach it easily. And can still be covered by clothing.
    I think the best place is your upper arm, above your elbow.
    Still lots of area for a great design, but not visible until
    you take off your shirt.

  22. I never would get any that showed then got one on finger. Earlier this year i got one that shows in short sleeves, figure I was too old to worry about it and employers.
  23. That should be covered in the employee handbook or some such. I hope things get better for you.
  24. Interesting observation. All the ink around here is moron lube and III%. HH
  25. I think neck and knuckle tats are a no-go unless you commit crimes for a living.

    Like it or not, people judge others on appearance, especially aspects of appearance that are voluntarily chosen.
  26. This is just my opinion but, tattoos above the collar, or on your hands, put you into a different class of people.

    Think hard before you do this.
  27. I’m not against tattoos, I have multiple myself. The OP needs counseling, not a tattoo.
  28. That is probably true.

  29. If more people followed this, there would be a far smaller demand for cover-up specialists and removal physicians. HH
  30. Historically only Sailors and Marines have tattoos. Port of call tattoos, ship tattoos and the occasional port of call girlfriend. USMC tattooed on a hairy Popeye forearm I've seen more than once. And a battleship on an old timers chest.

    On everyone else it's ridiculous.
  31. Now you've done it. HH
  32. Sure, what could go wrong?
  33. Have “Stay Strong” tattooed in reverse across your forehead. During times of weakness, look into a mirror. Your faith in yourself will be instantly restored.

    Honestly - take up counseling; yoga; meditation; drugs; booze, or smokes. Not as permanent as tats.
  34. One generally should not make important decisions while undergoing or recovering from significant stressful life events. Tattoos are forever and getting one falls under the important decision category. Deaths in the family are very significant stressful life events. Resolve your grief first and only then revisit the tat idea. Counseling can help you work things out at this time better than getting a tat will. Peace.
  35. There is no sane reason to ever get a tattoo.
  36. This may not work for you, but "I viddied that thinking is for the gloopy ones and that the oomny ones use like inspiration and what Bog sends. For now it was lovely music that came to my aid."

    I try to always keep the right song in my heart, when the occasion arrises. It can be a silly song, and often is.
  37. Why not? How do you feel about ear piercings?
  38. Guys with them....

    But I'm a misanthrope, people that go out of their way to tell me about themselves (tatoos, peircings, etc)... We're not the same sort.

    And you could make a similar claim about my hat or pants, but I (hopefully) thought less about them...

    Tattooing messages on your skin has always come across as narcissism to me. i don't put a lot of weight into what I have to say. That ink on your skin? (Exceptions disregarded) lol, I don't care what it says. No offense.

    Again, unless it's a clue (face/ hand tattoos)
  39. I've got a few permanent markings that I did not choose to have. If you choose to get one that makes you feel a little bit happy, good for you. As many others have said just be careful where you get it.
  40. Do it! Be yourself! Make a statement! Have it tattooed on your forehead! We're with you, brother!
  41. Nah, go with something iconic.


    I don’t have any.
  42. Think about it for a while.
  43. You forgot original!
  44. I saw Teresa on a Missing Flyer stapled to a power pole in Daytona a few years ago. Hope she's ok!
  45. I have BUM FIGHTS tatted on my forehead.
  46. Get REDRUM on your forehead
  47. I have several. Between the military and a biker lifestyle it sort of comes with the territory. My 2 rules are No Names and if I'm ever in front of a judge he\she should not be able to see any of them.
  48. I have one of those right in the middle of my palm from Halloween 1986. I was in HS and dropped a pencil in the seat in front of me. Very quickly reached for it and stabbed my hand. It had landed eraser first and I caught it at the split second it was vertical.

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  49. I don't even like pierced ears on a woman. Let alone a man, or piercing anywhere else on anybody.