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Well, I finally got some time off work and despite the overcast sky and 40 degree weather in northern Indiana, I headed to a range at the local state park. (Roush Lake)

This was the 'maiden' shoot for the G19 I acquired last week, so I was pretty excited to finally start tossing lead...errrrrrrrr, FMJ, I have heard not to toss lead from everyone. :supergrin:

I took 100 rounds of Federal Champ and 50 rounds of WWB -- all 115 grain FMJ -- I had bought at Walmart. Blew through all but 10 rounds of it. Now sure why I didn't use the last ten, but they will get their turn soon!

After my first mag, not only did I want to drink more Glock Kool Aid, I wanted to know where the garden hose was so I could set up the Glock Kool Aid bong! The thing shot like a dream. I got a little cocky with the next couple of mags and my shots started to drift low and to the left, but that is my MO/problem. I know I need more discipline on the trigger and after some trail mix and a drink of water, I was back where I wanted to be. The overwhelming majority of my 100 shots on the silhouette were in the X, 10 or 9 ring. I've never shot like that before. Ever. Also managed to get about a dozen head shots, with a few missing the mark, striking the neck/collarbone area. All in all, I was very pleased with this weapon. It made it easy for me to hit the mark and that gave me confidence that I could, can and will improve my pistol marksmanship.

To summarize: Glock über alles!

Looking forward to continuing to improve my skills with this weapon.
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