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First range trip with a brand new Walther PPS ...

  1. and it goes **** up!

    9mm. Brand new. Never fired. Less than a hundred rounds. And the slide stop lever spring breaks. Gun now locks back after every round. Dammit.

    The only good thing ... it's not mine, it belongs to a friend.

    Other than this small problem ... it was a fun gun. It did seem stiff, and obviously needed a few hundred rounds to loosen up.
  2. That's a shame. I purchased one used in mint condition. Took it to the range and was very pleased with the gun. It is very accurate and reliable. I put about 100 rounds through it and love the thing. Once I get to qualify with it it'll be my primary off duty gun.
  3. I am being nice.

    I looked at a PPS and when I ordered it they sold it to me with two mags. Went to pick it up and they wanted to give me one mag so I told them Just give me a Glock model 38. in .45GAP. Less money and three mags too.

  4. That sucks. Hope your friend can get it straightened out.
  5. Sorry to hear that. Was it a first edition PPS? There have been some issues (now resolved) with those.
  6. Nope, brand new current edition. They are going to fix it, it's just disappointing for a new gun.
  7. I know quite a few first editions had this problem. I haven't really heard of it since. I'm sorry your first impression was a bad one.
  8. I can't help but notice that issues with Walthers seem to be common.
  9. Send it in and give'm 2 weeks. They'll have the slide stop/spring fixed up.

    There's a small forum for PPS users with a name not unlike "glock talk"... I know there are a couple of threads about what you described.

    Mine has worked flawlessly thus far. Just remember it's a tool made by man. Some say God made us and some of us are pretty ****ed up so I don't imagine man could do much better.
  10. ? Care to elaborate?
  11. Walther isnt as common as years past,the Walther PP, PPK, P-38, P1, P5 and P5C, P88 and P88C, P99 and P99C,Pk380 are known for their reliability and innovative for their time

    this is the first i've heard about a Walther PPS but before you were only see a bad pistol with the P22 that some may argue isnt a true Walther
  12. I traded a used Sig P229 for mine. It is a 9mm version. I've put close to 300 rounds of both FMJ and Speer Gold Dots through it without a hiccup. It's been my EDC for s few months now. Only problem I had was locating an 8 round magazine for it but I have since found one.