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Hey guys,
First I would like to say, I have been a long time lurker who jumps on and off this forum reading all the great info everyone posts and after debating between a Kahr PM9, CW9 and a Glock 26 I took the plunge and went with the glock.:supergrin: I edc a ruger lcp right now and thought it was time to move up to a little bit more gun ( grip ) with better accuracy.

After picking it up, I broke it down and cleaned it up with some CLP cleaner, then headed out to shoot. My ammo was the WWB 115g fmj , which I had picked up at my local meijers for 20.99 a box per 100, around here in Michigan this ****t is hard to come by especially for that price.

I had recently rented the gun last week to make sure it was going to perform like I had hoped, and man after todays outing I am extrememly impressed and now i know why everyone keeps talking glock this and that. This gun is a shooter, I could not believe how nice of groups I was obtaining, from 7 to 25 yards , and with only a 3.5'' barrel, I couldnt be happier.

I made a quick vid of me shooting at 7 yards , I was not trying very hard to get perfect groupings in this video at all , just haveing fun and shooting.

Also if you pause the vid at the end , you can see my 7,10, 15, 20, and 25 yard groups. I really feel I can tighten these groups up even more as I practice more and get the feel for it even more.

ANyhow here is the video we took today shooting. In my youtube description it tells you what groupings are at what distances. Thanks again for all the great info on this sight . Bob
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