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First massage...

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Persistent pain finally drove me to try a massage. First time ever. I forget what they called it 'deep tissue...' All I know is that gal found spots of intense pain in that shoulder and surrounding area. I actually felt slightly nauseous at a couple points.

She showed me some stretches, told me to drink a lot of water, and suggested that I see if it improves. If so, follow up with another session. If not, go see a doc because it might be a tear...but they'd need x-rays, MRI, etc to know.

In all, it was quite painful. I have a little better mobility, but no miracles (none expected). We'll see how it goes.

Anyone ever try massages and have success?...not the "happy ending" kind of massages.
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My girl does massages. The sick feeling is from toxins being released from your muscles. Or that's what she tells me anyways. Hopefully I'm the only one getting happy endings out of her. Haha
I tell you what...I've got newfound respect for folks that know how to do that right. I know nothing about it, but this gal was able to hone in on major spots that seemed to target it well.
Use ice packs. Try and locate a larger one at CVS or look for a Thera-Med Back Pad is what it is called. This will help greatly with inflammation. Useful after a massage as well. If you squeeze a full lemon in a glass of water, it is good for inflammation somewhat, and help cleanse the body. I get about two massages a month.

She recommended 20 minutes ice, then heat, and repeat one more time after each stretching session or workout. I've also started taking 4800 g of fish oil. Willing to try lots of options...just want to get through this and get back to 100%...without surgery.
Heat will aggravate and inflame rather quickly. Just depends on what you have going on. Do you have a pinched nerve locking up your shoulder muscles? Seems like the only time I use heat nowadays is for bronchitis or something chest related.
Not sure. I can do overhead problems. Raise my arms to the side, no problems. Raise my arms straight in front and slight pain in the shoulder. Put any pressure in that same motion...lots of pain in the shoulder.
You may have something pinched in your neck going down your shoulder. Do you know of a good chiro or somebody that can recommend one? In the meanwhile don't strain or workout. Something needs to be rested.
My wife has a good chiropractor. That's something that I've never tried either.

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