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First massage...

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Persistent pain finally drove me to try a massage. First time ever. I forget what they called it 'deep tissue...' All I know is that gal found spots of intense pain in that shoulder and surrounding area. I actually felt slightly nauseous at a couple points.

She showed me some stretches, told me to drink a lot of water, and suggested that I see if it improves. If so, follow up with another session. If not, go see a doc because it might be a tear...but they'd need x-rays, MRI, etc to know.

In all, it was quite painful. I have a little better mobility, but no miracles (none expected). We'll see how it goes.

Anyone ever try massages and have success?...not the "happy ending" kind of massages.
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My girl does massages. The sick feeling is from toxins being released from your muscles. Or that's what she tells me anyways. Hopefully I'm the only one getting happy endings out of her. Haha
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