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First Glocks!

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Blstr88, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Blstr88


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    Mar 14, 2012
    Well I never thought the day would come. I've always been a "metal" gun guy...Berettas and 1911s pretty much. I picked up an H&K USP a few months back and realized "plastic" guns arent all bad!

    Anyway, I've been wanting to replace my Beretta as my carry gun since its very "fat", and wanted something slim. I was pretty sure I'd go with a Walther in .40. However, I shot my fathers Glock 26 this past weekend and really saw what all the hype was about. I liked it A LOT.

    SO, I went to the gun shop today and picked up a Glock 30. I love the .45 cartridge and its very slim and light, so after a few range sessions with it Im planning to carry with it. I ordered a Desantis OWB holster and a Crossbreed IWB holster for it already.

    And since I was there, I figured I needed to give it a friend, so I grabbed a Glock 21 too. Havent shot either yet, but I plan to remedy that tomorrow.

    Will the Glock 37 magazines work in the G21? I saw a few used ones at the LGS I was going to grab, but wanted to check first. I know the 45 GAP rounds are shorter than the 45 ACP rounds, so Im assuming the answer is no?

    Anything in particular to look out for with these pistols? I'd say my biggest gripe so far is the slide release "lever" (more of a "tab" really). I have small hands and its really tough to release the slide using the lever...especially compared to my Berettas. Is there any aftermarket fix for this? Thatd be the first thing I'd want to address.

    Sorry for the bad pics, I'll take some more at the range tomorrow.