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First Glock is a 36

  1. Hi guys. My first Glock is a G36. I've ran about 200 rounds through it with no issues. Now I just need to find a holster that can be use inside the waist and on the belt.
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  3. It was my first Glock as well. I found mine gently used with Trijicons at a pawn shop for $425 in 8/04 and have been carrying it CCW ever since. I'm a big guy and have had a seamstress widen the pocket mouth and line the pockets on several slacks I wear and I carry the gun as a pocket pistol without a round in the chamber. You just have to figure out what works best for you. I have a Fobus that I use on occasion and it works great...it was cheap also.
  4. I've been a 36 owner for a couple of months now. I've been trying to get registered and couldn't cuz the administrator banned my IP address??? But, I finally found a way around it.
    Anyway, I like the MTAC. Nice holster and comfortable to wear.
    BTW, I'm really learning to love the 36. I like my XD, but the thin light frame of the 36 is just the perfect carry weapon. The .45 is a great calibler and this thing is dead on accurate. My buddy and his Kimber are in for it the next time we go shooting. He disses Glocks, but that is a bit ignorant. I picked mine up slightly used with night sights for about $490 at Cabelas. I had $150 gift card to it was a painless purchase. I put in the 3.5# connector which made the gun IMHO. BTW, Dana at Comp-tac was great on the phone to work with.
  5. MTAC is what I think I'm going to get. Too bad I missed the sale on them
  6. I found that my High Noon IWB holster I have for my Taurus MilPro PT140 fits my G36 like a glove. I am planning on a CTAC soon though.
    Good luck.