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First Glock (23) over weekend

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Ok well I purchased my first handgun this weekend! Got a G23! Fired 50 rounds yesterday and I've got to say I love the gun! I originally wanted to get an XDM but for the availability and price I couldn't pass up the deal I got! I am federal law enforcement so with a local Glock dealar that gives discount I ended up getting a 23 with 3 13 rnd mags, case, and cleaning tools, box of 50 rnds all for 440.00! Not a bad deal! Right out of box I loved the size and feel of the gun! We carry the beretta 92d on duty so in comparison, well no comparison!! Glock 23 feels much better! The 50 rnds went smooth and the gun fires like a dream!!

Again overall very happy with my first gun purchase!!!!
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Welcome, can't go wrong with the 23. And to boot, you got a great deal.:wavey:
I had G35 for duty, G27 for BUG/off-duty, and I just had to get the G23. It's an awesome gun. Enjoy!
Thanks everyone!

I'm excited to shoot more but it's so hard to find inexpensive ammo to practice with... As far as mods, what are a few of the most popular and explain please... Thanks again!
The G23 is an excellent pistol, an ideal size combined with very good fire power make it a winner.
Think of it as a platform,
you could very easily convert to 9mm and 357 sig for range use.
Congrats on the 23. It is the next on my list.

And as far as mods go the only thing you need to change is the sights. Get you a good sets of night sights. That is the only thing I would change.
Yeah my dealer has trijicon for 80.00 I just didn't want them yet but in the near future! I called dicks sporting goods today and they just got a truck in with ammo! Going right after work!!
Congrats on your G23, it was my first Glock many years ago. Be safe and enjoy.
Congrats! Welcome to GT! I got a G23 also, it's awesome!

Only accessory I'd recommend is a frame insert. It plugs the gap between the backstrap and magazine well. I got a Pearce insert, it fits flush with the frame, most others extend out to fit flush with the inserted magazine. Only purpose it serves is to keep dust out of that area.

That's just what it looks like, most gun stores sell them and I'd recommend just going to the store to get one instead of online, as the shipping would cost more than the plug itself.

There are others that extend outward to fit flush with the inserted magazine, Scherer's Snug-Plug, Lone Wolf Distributors has their own version.

Edit: As for my G23, it's Olive Drab, all stock, plastic sights, got the frame insert, and put a Hogue Handall black grip(they make OD, but I wanted black for contrast). I'd like to put night sights on it, but got more important things to spend $100 on than a pair of sights at the moment. A lot of people put extended slide stops, slide locks, and mag release buttons on theirs, but I don't find it necessary for my use. I pull the slide back and release rather than pushing the slide stop(also called slide release). A lot of people also put metal guide rods in theirs, but I'm fine with an easily replaceable $10 polymer one, plus I heard from others that the guide rod is polymer because it's supposed to flex, and putting a metal one in can mess up the harmonics of cycling and put more stress on other parts, like the frame which is also supposed to flex somewhat.
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Congrats on the 23! I also just bought a 23. Got mine for $459, new in box with two 13 rd mags. After shipping and FFL fee's though it was about $500. It's my 2nd Glock. I used to own a G19 but the 9mm left me wanting more firepower, so I sold it to this little kid in my neighborhood (TOTALLY joking :)) and bought the 23 instead.

I agree with the others- only upgrades you should do are the Pearce frame insert and MAYBE the sights, but that's upto you. Don't buy into the hype of replacing the recoil spring and guide rod and all this- it's BS. The Glock is great stock, for most of us. Unless you have some special needs/requirements, just leave it be and shoot it and love it!

Congrats..I got one too this weekend...excellent choise.
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Congrats on the 23....I have two and it is one of my favorite Glocks. Blue label is always a great deal and what you paid is certainly an excellent price.

I have carried the M9 [Beretta 92] as a duty weapon also and while I never had any trouble qualifying expert with it, a Glock it is not. You're right, no comparison.
Hey quick question on the G23- was there ever a time when the slide read ".40 S&W" instead of just ".40" ?? Just curious.
Great choice. Congrats
great choice, the G23 is the "perfect gun"
Nice deal on your G23! I'm sure you are going to love it!
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