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First G24 357Sig range trip!...shut down early by Minuteman Munitions...

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Well, first the good news! I finally got my beautiful KKM 357Sig barrel for my Glock 24. Previous range report on G24 using factory 40 barrel:

But now for the Glock 24 in 357Sig.....and the first load down the tube was Federal American Eagle - 125g - FMJ. Here are the first six shots on paper at paper at 14 yards:

Gun Trigger Airsoft gun Recreation Revolver

I call it my "Austrian Boom-a-rang". Somehow after that nice group, I missed once at steel at 18 yards - going 5/6 on steel to my right and 6/6 on steel to my left. I also managed to miss the gong at 25 yards twice....with four hits outta six shots. The popper was at 29 yards and I hit it five times outta six:
Tree Shooting range Air gun

A decent group though.... and you can see how I was trending. I feel like every miss was my fault and that I shouldn't have been missing at all with this baby! When I look at my numbers though, I only missed six shots out of a box of fifty! Not too shabby! I blame the weather. It was a beautiful day...and I have not been out on a beautiful day all year. I have either been in the rain, or in muggy, high heat! The knockdowns were at 35 yards and here are the 8" cousins:

Green Grass

The square one, I hit twice out of three shots... and no misses on the round one(2/2)
The third, a 7.2x12" small silhouette knockdown (not shown), I also hit twice out of three shots.
Then out to the far steel where I went a perfect 12/12!!

The Federal ammo ran 100% reliably!
The 357Sig ammo worked perfectly in both the .40 magazines and, of course, the 357Sig magazines. The .40 ammo(from previous report) would not load correctly into the particular 357Sig mag I purchased!
I thought I grabbed the OWB holster from previous report, but I grabbed a summer carry worked....

Handgun holster Gun accessory Outerwear Belt Pocket

Next load up was Minuteman Munitions - 124g - FPTMJ (RL). I have a checkered past with MMM. The first time I ever used it, I had a squib load and barrel obstruction on the very first magazine-full:

A quote from that thread;
I contacted Minuteman Munitions. They replied to my e-mail saying that squib loads are very rare occurrences and they would send me 100 more rounds to make up for my inconvenience!

So I ended up with 600 rounds of suspicious ammo instead of 500. Well, on shot 27 of this range trip (about round 502 of the lot) it happened again:

Hand Finger Auto part Thumb

Here was three on paper before I was shut down:

Shooting sport Recreation Shooting Electric blue Wetsuit

Very poor customer service response from Minuteman Munitions was my experience this time around.
Barrel was cleared and checked by my gunsmith.

Totals for the gun:
357Sig: 77 rounds representing 2 offerings
40S&W: 150 rounds representing 3 offering

Hope to finish this range report soon!!
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Well, I finished up the range outing that was cut short! And I did use up the 23 remaining rounds of Minuteman Munitions without incident. Not the most accurate ammo either which, after 500 round in multiple guns, I find to be the trend with it. Here are the numbers at various ranges (combined from the two trips):

5-6 on 7.2x12" small silhouette steel 18 yards
4-6 on other 18 yard steel (8" round)
2-6 on the 25 yard gong
3-6 on the popper @ 30 yards away
2-4 on the 8" square knockdown target at 35 yards
1-5 on the 8" round knockdown target at 35 yards
2-5 on the 7.2x12" small silhouette knockdown target at 35 yards
3-3 on the 50 yard steel

The only difference being the popper was one yard further on the second trip.

Next load up was Federal - 100g - CC BallistiClean. With frangible ammo, I like to get up close and personal with the steel but I did go once around the horn to test accuracy. A perfect run would be six (good) shots on paper, three hits on each static steel and one on each knock-down for a total of 24 rounds. Here are the six shots on paper @14 yads:

Gun Firearm Trigger Airsoft gun Gun accessory

Around the steels I went and I only had one miss!! ---on the small silhouette knockdown at 35 yards!! Here are three on the gong at 25 yards:

Tree Recreation Forest

And 3/3 on the far steel at 50 yards:

Green Recreation Shooting range

Looking at the numbers ( combined/all three loads), I had no misses at 50 yards = 18/18!

With the remaining 25 rounds, I got up close to the large steel silhouette and practiced double and triple taps!

Totals for the gun:
357Sig: 150 rounds representing 3 offerings
40S&W: 150 rounds representing 3 offerings

This is the only pistol I have with switch barrels that has the same round count with each!!!
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I keep planning to get a 357 barrel for my G24C. How is the recoil compared to 40S&W?

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I've shot 357Sig for such a long period, I don't really notice the I am a horrible person to ask. I don't notice much difference between the two would be my answer.
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