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Fireglock made it another trip around the sun!

  1. Happy Birthday to a friend and fellow shooter. May your next trip around the sun be even better and more fun, less stressful.


    :birthday: :cake:
  2. Happy Birthday ..... Now switch to VERIZON WIRELESS:thumbsup: :supergrin:
  3. happy birth day jerry. hope you have a great day.
  4. Happy Birthday Jerry...lets see 56 has a nice ring does it not....may the day bring sunshine and smiles to you and yours...:thumbsup: :birthdaysong: :birthday: :cake: :cheerleader: :highfive: :wave:
  5. Jerry, have a great warm day to have a birthday. Another trip around the sun makes one a better shooter than before (sounds good, anyway!) - at least I hope so! Enjoy your day.
  6. Yes, as a matter of fact it does. ;)

    :birthday: amigo! :thumbsup:

  7. Happy Birthday, my friend!! May you get everything you want & more (especially a cell phone that works!!). Tony & Donna.:birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthdaysong:
  8. Happy Birthday my Friend! I hope you have a Wonderful Day!
    Take a day off and enjoy life!:thumbsup:

  9. :birthday: :birthday: Happy Birthday there you "OLd Geezer" :rofl: Hope you can relax and have a great day. Looking forward to seeing you real soon.:birthday: :birthday:
  10. Happy birthday big fella!!!!!!! :banana: :banana: :banana: :birthdaysong: :birthday: :bluesbrothers: :cake:

    Paula said to tell you to celebrate with some pizza :)

    we hope to see you soon
  11. Greetings! May happy returns, Jerry! Hope this trip was fun!:wavey: Enjoy!!:hugs:

  12. Thanks gang, I had to work but it's easy now! Going out to eat, new cell phones Tuesday and I keep my numbers. Life has improved! :)
  13. Happy Birthday!!!
  14. :banana: :banana: :banana: :birthday: :birthday: :dancing: :wave:
    Hope you had a great B-Day Jerry! And many more to come!!!!
  15. Happy Birthday to a steadfast friend!
  16. Happy Birthday, Jerry!!!!:birthday: :birthday:
    Lunch is on me at our next practice.