Firefighters down in Iowa

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    2 Firefighters down in Clinton Iowa as of this morning while battling a fire at Archer Daniel's Midland Corporation (ADM). Firefighter Adam Cain was wounded as a result of an explosion and air lifted to Iowa City. Firefight Cain's condition was critical but stable as of a press conference a little over a hour ago. Tragically, Lt. Eric Hosette, who also served as the Chief of the Charlotte Iowa Volunteer Fire Department, succumbed to his injuries. Lt. Hosette leaves behind a wife and little girl, among many other family members, friends, and brother/sisters in firefighting arms along with other local agencies that Clinton FD often work with during calls for service. During the press conference the Chief of Clinton FD stated that work was being done 100 feet off of the ground in a grain bin when an explosion happened.

    Several area Fire Departments have stepped up to cover for the Clinton Fire Department so that they can attempt to rest while they all try to cope with today's events.

    Links from area media.

    This purpose of this is to seek more prayers for those men and women. And two recognize two heroes that were willing to lay it all on the line. During the press conference it was mentioned that there is an agency that is already in contact with Clinton FD to help with cost of funeral services, etc. When I went to the Police Academy, agencies like BackStoppers (a St. Louis area agency that offers assistance to fallen Police, Fire, Ems personnel) and others were mentioned that would go so as far as to pay off the house for the fallen Officer's family, pay for schooling for the little ones. Is there anything like this that exists in Iowa or Western Illinois that would encompass Clinton County Iowa? If about on a national level? After seeing the horror and hurt in another police officer's wife's eyes when he was hurt on duty....I can't imagine how debilitating it has to be for your other half to be suddenly taken. If you are aware of such an agency/group/association, etc.....maybe let that entity know if you have contact info.

    Full disclosure: I'm not a firefighter....but I've worked in cooperation with my FD on calls, along with EMS. With that said, Clinton is not my town, but is near my area. When someone from the first responder family falls....we still drop our heads in prayer. We're still part of a team, with a common goal to work to keep our communities safe. They're still brothers and sisters. And if I can rally more folks for prayers for the men and women hurting as a result of the losses suffered today, then so it shall be. I'm from the thin blue line...but today hearts are hurting, tears fell, and prayers are said for the men and women of the Clinton Iowa thin red line.
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