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Problem is our home owner's policy requires me to itemize, photograph, and give the list to them.
I would get another insurance company.

Over the years I've had a number of insurance companies.
Been with Allstate for some years now.

I also had my gun shop burned down in 1995.
Lost thousands of dollars in gun stuff, like reloading presses, powder, primers, thousands of rounds of ammo and seven guns.
EVERYTHING was paid for at full replacement value. They even bought me a new shop that was WAY nicer than the one that burned.

At NO TIME, before or after the fire, or with any insurance company, have I ever been asked to supply any info on my guns and they have been fully covered, at full replacement value, under the "personal property" portion of the insurance.

One agent said,
If I have a unusually expensive gun (guns) I should keep a record of them, including pictures.
Which I do anyhow with all the guns, etc.
Take pictures of EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING.

Just for the heck of it, last year I made local Allstate agent check again about the gun and gun stuff coverage.
The answer was,
It's all fully covered, at replacement cost, up to the limit of the personal property coverage.

The insurance company has no idea if I have one gun or two hundred.

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What do you guys do for insurance and if you ever filed a claim how was the insurance company to deal with?
It depends on the company and adjuster.

When my shop burned the lady adjuster was terrific. She accepted everything I said (I don't lie). She even authorized a over $5,000 Morgan building to replace the few hundred dollar place that burned down.
She said,
First thing, we have to get you another building, and she did.

She was also the adjuster when my place was tore up by storms, twice.
She couldn't do enough for us.

I said something about her being so nice and co-operative.
She said, You pay the company for coverage, so why shouldn't we live up to the contract.

Later with a different company when my barn roof was badly damaged in a storm, the adjust kept giving me a run around.
Finally, when he wanted to send out still another contractor to look at the roof, (all the contractors were his people, not mine), I told him,
Hell No. I've screwed with you long enough. The only people you are going to send out is the crew to replace the roof.
They started on the roof two days later. :)


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I just renewed my homeowner's policy (Allstate) a couple weeks ago.

Like always, all the guns, gun equipment and even ammo is fully covered, as personal property, at replacement value up to the limit of the personal property coverage.

I have complete records of the guns but the insurance company does not.
I would switch companies before I would give them any gun information.

Like I said earlier, my gun shop burned to the ground.
Even then all I was asked about the seven lost guns was what would it cost me to replace the guns.
The insurance company gave me that amount.
They even paid me replacement cost for all the thousands of rounds of reloaded ammo. Plus they offered me extra money (which I refused) for my time to reload the ammo.

Be sure to FULLY understand your policy. When you have to make a claim is no time to learn what the small print means.
TAKE PICTURES OF EVERYTHING and I mean everything.
The pictures and my word was all the insurance company required to pay for everything.

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