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Firearm for sale?

  1. How do I go about putting a firearm for sale on this site?
  2. On the main page, scroll down to the Want Ads area, and click on the Firearms Listings forum.

    In the Firearms Listings forum, click the "New Thread" button near the upper right corner, and then enter a title for your thread; in the main body of the message, add the description of the item you have for sale. A few helpful hints:

    - Obey all local, state and federal laws concerning transfer of firearms at all times. If you don't know them, then learn them. "I didn't know it was illegal" will not keep you out of jail.

    - Put your location (two letter state abbreviation) in the title, as it helps folks who only want to buy locally. Something like "Glock 19 for sale in NV" or "MS - Glock 19 for sale" works fine.

    - If you only want to sell to an individual in your state, put something like "state residents, FTF only" (FTF means face-to-face).

    - Put in a point of contact such as an email address, or make sure your PM button here at GT is activated.

    - If the buyer is in another state, don't ship the gun to him directly; get the shipping address (and copy of the FFL, or Federal Firearms License) of a licensed firearms dealer in that state. The buyer will have to do the paperwork required to pick it up on his end, and you will have a paper trail showing you did it correctly if there is a problem in the future.

    - Put a set price on the gun; if you want folks to bid on the gun, go to an auction site.

    - Read the rules/TOS here at GT, if you haven't already done so.

    Hope this was helpful.
  3. Thanks D J Niner, just what I needed.