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    I need help. A There was a trial in town recently. I tinvolved a case of a young boy whose mother was too stupid to realize what a circumcision involved. She brought suit against the hospital and the doctor. She said her son was permanently damaged, and his unit was asymetrical. She lost, and the doctor and hospital were cleared of any wrongdoing.

    Anyhow, her lwayer appeared to be quite a clown in this whole adventure. His name? Zenas Baer. When I read about the case, I thought this has to have a great limerick in it somewhere. I started one, but if someone could supply a better last line, or come up with an alternative limerick, let's see it.

    If you think it's too off-color to post, e-mail it to me.

    The was a lawyer named Zenas
    Who brought suit involving a *****,
    A circumsicision, he said,
    had misshappened the head,
    and now appears quite heinous.

    (edited to change the last line)