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Fine day on the river........

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by method, Apr 13, 2003.

  1. method


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    Mar 27, 2002
    Cleveland, OH
    Had my most productive day of fishing in a very long time today on the Verde River at Dead Horse Park in Clarkdale. Caught one of my smallest fish ever at the first hole, a largemouth no more than 4" long. I caught an additional 10 or so bass, as I worked my way downstream, nothing big, perhaps up to a pound. The highlights of the day were two rainbow trout on back to back casts, each around 14", the first trout I've taken in probably 12 years. The second put up a very fine fight on the 4lb ultra light outfit I use. All fish save the last bass were taken on an artificial crawfish, which I snagged and lost (off to Walmart). My first fish ever in AZ was a 4lb or so largemouth in the same spot on the Verde three weeks ago, on the same crawfish I used and lost today. Sorry I have no pictures, but wanted to share.
  2. Ramjet38

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    Apr 9, 2001
    Wilderness of Life
    Isn't great!

    You'll have those memories for many years to come just like I do from last fall when I caught my limit of rainbows in New Mexico 3 days in a row. I still think about it. :)