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Finding a good barber

  1. I never gave it much thought and assumed that a barber is a barber, and not so skilled, I always tipped well but took mine for granted.
    I was wrong! I was fortunate enough to have had an an excellent barber for the past 25+ years until his passing. I have since found that a skilled barber is very difficult to find.
    I’m not picky just looking for a proper haircut
  2. Usually people who say they are not picky... are picky.... :D
  3. What type of cut?
  4. I found a barber college near me. They do a great job.

    My ideal barber shop would be 3-4 chairs, magazines like car and driver, field and stream, popular mechanics, guns and ammo, and old playboys. An old chest style coke-a-cola machine.
  6. I have a great barber. My wife cuts my hair since this covid crap started. I was needing a haircut during the early lockdown in Ohio. Went to Kroger and bought a clipper set for around $25. Told the wife to put the #5 guide on it and start cutting my hair. Had a few haircuts since and the clipper kit has paid for itself. Don't plan on going to Great Clips again.
  7. Nothing fancy a #7 with a #4 fade and cleaned up. Haircut 101
  8. [​IMG]
    DIY. The money I save I buy myself a Glock every Father's Day. :fred:
  9. Same kit I have.
  10. To clarify, my issue is when you get home after showering and you find multiple hairs that you have to tweeze, or use pliers for the Cro Magnons here.
    It just doesn’t seem that difficult to not miss hairs (almost always around the ears)
  11. Currently I am doing a Flat Top with a #4 on top and #0 on the sides.
    Similar to that but with lots of gray :fred:
  12. My last two barbers wasn't cutting it, no pun intended. So DIY
  13. I'm a hairy mess. I always have to tweeze inside my ears and face after haircuts and shaving. I often wonder what I would experience had I been born before tweezers.
  14. I'm "lucky" that I have a barber college in town. Most of the time they do a good job. Hey, what do ya want for 7 bucks? I don't have to impress anyone which reminds me, I need to go because I haven't been to a barber for about 10 months. I can't stand the hair on the back of my neck.
  15. I've been going to the same barber shop for thirty three years. When they pass on I'll buy a trimmer kit and have my wife cut my hair. tom. :cowboy:
  16. What is the former username of this poster?
  17. I've been doing the DIY method with the Wahl cordless for years. No walking in to encounter a 20 min wait at the barber, or making appointments.

    1/4" (#2) every week or so.

    And did I mention I save a lot on shampoo???
  18. Just moved back to Texas and stumbled on a girl that does a great job cutting my hair. I'm surely a PITA about my hair and she did great with it.
  19. I cut BF's hair.

    And he never tips either. Cheapskate.
  20. I had the same barber for about 46 years. Gave me my first haircut when I was around 4 then retired a couple years ago. It was traumatic.

  21. +1

    (Although, my kit doesn't have the fancy colors).

    I haven't paid for a haircut since 1990.
  22. For about 25 years ('90-'15), there were no young barbers entering the business. In the last 5 years, we have a surge of young, very talented guys starting up. Nice to see, but gone are the old style shops!
    When they ask how I want it cut, I say, "Befitting an old man; whatever you think looks age-appropriate".
  23. I've tried to get my wife to cut my hair but she refuses. She doesn't have a good reason either.
  24. Finding a good barber (not a chain store stylist) is like finding an artist who can paint your portrait exactly as you like it.

    I became a shaggy mess waiting for the barber shops to open back up, though I really don't know why. In my part of Texas, every single barber sucks. I thought I found one I could work with, an old guy in his 80s who has been barbering for 60 years..but, alas, he decided one day that he knew what haircut I needed better than I did, and refused to change that notion. His vision was basically a #2 over my entire head.

    I have a set of Wahl professional clippers I used for manscaping and giving myself a field cut before exercises, and I finally caved and gave myself my first Wuhan Wig. It turned out surprisingly acceptable. #6 on top, #4 on the sides. Get the SO to clean up the edges. It looks at least as good, and mostly better, than what I was shelling out $40 a pop for. Don't think I'll mess with trying to find a decent barber any more.
  25. When my barber of 25 years gave up his work, I found another one who was OK. 5 years later he was gone and the one who replaced him sucked. My experience plus COVID convinced me to shave all my thinning hair and end the trips to a barber. Now I use an electric razor for my face and head.
  26. Look for barber college near you..

    Yes, you are a guinea pig for students. The instructor will help the student to fix mistakes. The low cost will save you money.
  27. My cut is easy so I am just looking for a hawt chick to rub up against me more than needed and strokes my hair unnecessarily.
  28. I used to go to a shop like that. Bobby Gomez. Last time I saw him, he came to the house to give my Dad a haircut, during his time with ALS.

    Adrianna, at Sport Clips, does a good job for me now.
  29. Make sure you give her a nice tip. Don't be a cheapskate like BF.
  30. I know how to play the game.

  31. Just giving you some friendly advice.

    BF doesn't get any "extra attention" because he doesn't pay me.

    Sometimes I buzz my initials on the back of his head.
  32. I don’t over tip chicks because I am worried about their children getting a good meal....
  33. Did you offer to pay her?

    Money talks.
  34. Real barber shops have become popular again in Vegas over the past decade. I have a couple of favorites. $25 for the haircut and ether a $5 or $10 tip. I go once every 4 weeks, worth every penny.
  35. I always tip a tenner. Cash.
  36. I'm a pretty good barber. But I only know three haircuts;

    #2 guard
    #3 guard
    and #4 guard.
  37. I wear a beard, and am balding, I keep net & trim with a Wahl Kit. It is great, under $20.00 @ Wal-Mart.
  38. I never go to a "stylist" shop. I like old fashioned barber shops. My current barber charges $7 and I tip well. I can't understand why anyone would pay 30 or 40 dollars for a haircut.
  39. We have one like that near me. Before I started shaving my head it was my go-to without fail. And, he also owned and older HD Panhead, so we could talk motorcycles.

    And even better, on one occasion I had on a pullover sweatshirt and he asked me to remove it to trim my neck. I told him I had a concealed handgun in an OWB holster underneath it. He said, “don’t worry about it, lots of my customers carry.”

    I miss that place.
  40. My barber asked me how I wanted my hair to look after he cut it?

    I told him to make it look like a drunk, one armed, blind person cut it.

    He said that he could not do that.

    I asked, "Why not? That's what it looked like after the last time that I was in here?"
  41. I am paying crazy money ($50 with tip) once a month but the guy is good! Literally takes him 15 minutes including wash and yes, I still have plenty of hair!

    He also has 7am appointments!
  42. Mine charges me $5. Old fashioned place he took over from his dad before he passed. He gets a bottle of Glenlivet for Christmas and a bottle of good wine for thanksgiving. He’s a good guy. Now he’s gone to appointments via an app and it’s great. Now I don’t wait at all. Ten minutes and done.
  43. I've used a Flowbee for over 30 years. Saved a lot of money. No complaints.