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Find ten differences

  1. OK, find one difference between these two cases.


  2. :popcorn: Got me.
  3. for starters...one of the 9's tail touches the 0 part of the 9.

    one says 60, one says 80 (or the 6 may be closed more than the other)
  4. Left casing appears to be splitting in the web area.

    Hard to see into the primer pocket, but the flash hole on the left casing seems to be larger.

    Bob :cowboy:
  5. Maybe it's just the reflection in the photo but the case on the seems taller and thinner. Flash hole appears considerably bigger.

    Quit screwin' with us... I'm still on drugs.

  6. Jagermeister time here. :supergrin:

    Also, one is on the left and one is on the right.

    Bob :cowboy:
  7. Are they both actually brass cases ? Looking at the primer cup... the bevel cut on the right case looks "silvery"...kinda like a brass "plated" steel.
  8. Uhm... no, they both say "09" (year of manufacture). But yes, the appearence of the numbers is related to the answer.
  9. No, that's not a split, just some tool marks. The flash holes are the same.
  10. We got a winner! :wavey:

    Sorry, no prize in this game, but your answer is correct. The left case is brass, the right case is brass plated steel. It took me by surprise when I tried to resize it: felt very different.

    So, those who reload S&B cases... don't forget to check your brass to make sure it's really brass.
  11. Nah, that's just your pain pills. :supergrin:
  12. WOW! never come across S&B brass plated steel cases before... I tend to load alot of it from the once fired stuff I pick up at the range that others leave. I cull it out and use it at the local outdoor fun "lost brass" matches. (most say it's crap but I use it anyways)
    I use and old 4 inch speaker magnet to cull out steel cases and have never come across one of these yet. Anyone know the history on these?
  13. Those two cases came from TJ Conevera (they had a package deal with 1000 bullets and 1000 fired cases). There were around 20 S&B cases in the mix, 2 of them steel.

    I have noticed in the past that the same box of brand new Sellier and Bellot ammo may contain cases with different headstamps. Maybe they receive their cases from different factories and mix them together? :dunno:

  14. That was kinda fun ( 'specially since I got it...) , Ya got anymore ? And thanks for the heads up !

  15. You may have gotten it right but I had more fun being on my pain pills. I don't understand why people were only guessing about two cases... I saw four of 'em. :whistling: