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find function?

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When ever I use an apostrophe I get a bar across the bottom of the screen which functions as a "find" feature. HELP how do I eliminate this? when I click on the close button nothing happens.
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What program?
I'm pretty sure this is a bug with firefox, thats what you're using? Has happened to me 2 or 3 times over the last few months. I did a quick search to try and find the problem/answer which was inconclusive .. I clicked on the file menu and hit the alt button a couple times, and it stopped doing it. If you find a definitive fix or what's causing this I'd be interested to hear it. -dok
It happens when typing a reply ..much like this '
I assume you're using Firefox. If so:

Tools > Options... > Advanced "Tab" (looks like a gear) > General tab > uncheck "Begin finding when you begin typing"
Mine was not I checked it '''''''''''' I can apostrophe once again and not look like a dope

Noticed your in Alabama..I'm moving there first of October
I figured it was worth mentioning that I'm about to move to Atlanta to take your seat soon :) -dok
Apparently this is a 'feature', not a bug, but I can usually tell when I could have accidentally "turned on a feature", like pressing alternate- and an unknown key by accident, or maybe a function key, etc., but this apostrophe thing comes out of nowhere. I'm convinced it is a bug with the "find" module of firefox :) All of the fixes I had searched for (and there are several I found, your "begin finding" being one of them, seem to temporarily disable this 'feature', but it doesn't prevent it from coming back at random times, and all settings are as they should be. -dok
Originally posted by rgregoryb
Noticed your in Alabama..I'm moving there first of October
What part?
NE of Birmingham near Argo
Doc, you can have my seat...56 years in Atlanta is ENUFF!
and yes this apostrophe thing is random...happened again.
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