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    Eric, have you considered going ahead with the paid memberships. I am aware that you have plans to do this at a later date and offer additional services with the subscription. However, I feel that there are many members who would be glad to go ahead and pay for the service we are now recieving free. My thoughts are that until you have the membership plan worked out everything can stay the same as for as site access is concerned.

    If you had most of the members paying a use fee of $20.00 per month most of your financial problems would be solved in a short time. I feel that this is not an excessive amount and then when the new equipment is in place you can provide the perks that the paid membership deserves. We have enjoyed the site for free for all these years while you took care of the details. Allow us this chance to help keep the site up and upgrade the services.

    Maybe start a thread and see what kind of response you get. I know I will support it.

    Thanks for all you have done.

    walkin man